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Fashion Trend: Flats

Pour la Victoire Add to My Designers 

black leather 'Rena' gold plate pointed toe flats, $114

I remember a time when flats were considered casual. Women wouldn’t dare attend a cocktail party wearing shoes that didn’t contain at least a tiny heel. Flats were the footwear women secretly changed out of before walking into a major event, and then changed back into when the night was over. Now, flats are in, and can look just as stylish as a fabulous pair of heels. Here are some flats that will keep you looking glam while wearing that cocktail dress. Try pointy flats that add a bit of sophistication to the casual flat, or solid colorblocking to spice it up a bit.

 Pour la Victoire Add to My Designers  black leather 'Rena' gold plate pointed toe flats, $114

Pour la Victoire Add to My Designers
black leather ‘Rena’ gold plate pointed toe flats, $114

Nina Pepper Evening Flats, $99

Nina Pepper Evening Flats, $99

MICHAEL Michael Kors Shala Ballet, $78.99

MICHAEL Michael Kors Shala Ballet, $78.99

Matt Bernson Mercer D’Orsay Flats – Black/Rose Gold, $176.00

Matt Bernson Mercer D’Orsay Flats – Black/Rose Gold, $176.00

Win a Pair of Louboutins



In order to bring awareness to women’s heart health, Spa Week is hosting its second annual Heart Over Heels Giveaway. The contest, which runs until March 16th, gives entries the opportunity to win a pair of the most recognizable red soles in fashion: a pair of Louboutins. Addionally, one runner-up will receive a variety of beauty products including products from Red Door Spa Professional, Big Sexy Hair, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, and Nailtini. For every entry, the company will make a donation to the American Heart Association. Click here to enter now.

Sole Socks: The Breathable Sock Alternative



We’ve all been there, whether it’s the same pair of gym sneakers you wear religiously every time you work out, or those comfy pair of ballerina flats you’ve had for years, it’s inevitable that these footwear will develop funky odors that won’t go away no matter how many times you wash them. Recently, I had the opportunity to learn more about a new product called Sole-Socks, a customizable shoe insole developed to absorb sweat and odor from your feet throughout the day so you can wear the fashionable no-sock look in the summer and have cool, comfortable feet.

The design is simple – a plush terry cloth top that absorbs the moisture and odor is stitched together with a cotton layer of fabric for durability with a breathable base attached to grip the inside of t your shoe and prevent slipping. The base is multifunctional as it is designed in a way that allows your foot to “breathe” while also acting as an extra layer of padding and support for your tootsies.


The product is currently pending production, as the creators have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds (at least $4500). Interested in learning more? Head over to the company’s Kickstarter page for more information or to pledge to support.

Are Your Feet Grounded?

The Cap Toe, $99.00
The Cap Toe, $99.00

The Cap Toe, $99.00

Walking. It’s something most of us do every day without really thinking too much about it. Juil, an innovative footwear company is trying to change that.  The company, launched in February 2011, creates footwear that aims to recreate the sensation your feet feels when walking barefoot in a concept called grounding.  Advocates of grounding assert that when one’s bare feet comes in direct contact with Mother Earth, toxic electrons that cause medical ailments are absorbed into the ground like a magnet; thus, constant contact to the Earth is vital for our well-being.

Since walking barefoot is not feasible for our everyday lives, and the outsoles of shoes prevent the connection with the Earth, Juil has developed a variety of trendy footwear that not only look fashionable, but allows the electrons to flow between your body and the Earth. All of the footwear contains copper dots which act as a conduit, allowing the connection so that the body may be cleansed of stress and toxins in the form of free radicals.

For a couple of days last week I tested The Cap Toe in Snakeskin (pictured above). The soft insoles are very comfortable and when I am wearing the flats it feels almost as if I am, well, barefoot. Immediately, my feet felt relaxed when I put them on and continued to be at ease as I strutted around the city running errands. I can’t really speak on the grounding proprieties of the shoes, as I am a generally healthy individual; but, I do like feeling like I’m doing something good for my body just by wearing a comfy pair of flats. And, when you buy a pair of snazzy Juil footwear, you will feel good before you even put the shoes on –  for each footwear purchased, the company donates a pair to a person in need in a developing country.

Learn more about Juil and see more of their footwear options by visiting their website here.

FTC Disclosure: The shoes were provided gratis for review.

Steeping Out – Bizzarre Shoes


As a fashion blogger, I like to surf around the web and visit different sites to see whats out there, and let me tell you, what’s out there is a lot. During my hunting trips through the forest of fashion content available online, nothing has perplexed and intrigued me more than odd shoes. Remember this piece I did called “Artistic Footwear” when the blog first started? I realized that I haven’t focused on shoes in a while so behold, dear reader, my end of year round-up of the most breathtaking, jaw dropping, and craziest shoes I could find around the web.

Iris Schieferstein’s stuffed dove shoes

German artist Iris Schieferstein has managed to horrify and mesmerize audiences with these sandals made out of real doves. The artist has used animals as raw materials in her art work for years, and gives a whole new meaning to taxidermy.


Aphrodite Project GPS Alert Platform Shoes

The slogan of these platforms is “Helping sex workers protect themselves.” The shoes have an alarm clock that will ring to ward off potential attackers, built-in GPS, and an area to store away keys, money, and other items.


Finn Stone’s LEG-GO Stilettos

Designed for last year’s Affordable Art Fair in London, these completely wearable pumps will run you about $2,600 in debt. Currently the stilettos aren’t available for commercial purposes, but rumor has it that if you contact the artist directly, he is willing to create a custom one for you.


14DS Clowny Boots

When I was a kid I had a terrible fear of clowns, so I won’t be running out to buy these $1,200.00 Clowny Boots by

Reversible Socks by Bizcaz

The great thing about being a fashion blogger is having the opportunity to learn about new projects before they become available to the masses. I was recently introduced to a socks line called Bizcaz. The developer of the line decided to create the socks after being frustrated with the lack of variety of colors and designs currently on the market. The socks not only have trendy designs and color combinations, but are also reversible, so you get two socks for the price of one. I guess my only problem with this concept is that the socks would be dirty on the side that was exposed, so it may be best to not wear two days in a row, simply because you want to take advantage of the reversible feature.

The socks are also made with silver infused in the fabric. Silver eliminates odor causing bacteria, making the socks virtually smell-proof, and great work anyone with an active lifestyle.

The launch of the project is heavily dependent on funding, so the company currently has a campaign on Kickstarter, a website that enables entrepreneurs the ability to ask for money from supporters interested in funding their project. Each person who pledges will receive a free pair of socks. To learn more about the socks and the campaign, please visit this link.

Cat Footwear Autumn/Winter 2012 collection

A picture of me checking out my new pair of CAT Footwear Corrine boots.

A picture of me checking out my new pair of CAT Footwear Corrine boots.

On Thursday, October 11th, I attended launch of Cat Footwear’s Autumn/Winter 2012 collection at their showroom in New York City. The collection features footwear that is just as fashionable as they are comfortable. Bloggers in attendance were given the amazing opportunity to take home a complimentary pair of shoes or boots. Featured styles for women included: the Corinne ($230), the Marin ($210), and the Rita ($170), and featured styles for men included: the Isaac ($150), the Dougald ($140), and the Haverhill ($140).

I chose the Corrine boot, made from full grain leather and canvas material. It reaches a few inches below the knee and will look great over skinny jeans or with a short casual dress. It easily slipped on over my work pants, and was unbelievable comfortable. The boots run a little big; I had to select a pair that were about 1/2 smaller than what I would normally wear, so keep this in mind when ordering. But, once you find your perfect size, you are well on your way to a fashionable rugged style that will amplify any winter outfit.

The A/W 2012 collection is now available in select stores and online.

The Womens Corrine Boot is available in 2 colors: sienna and black

Cat Footwear capsule collection of boots made in collaboration with singer-songwriter Shontelle.

Get Custom-Made Shoes this Summer

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes also owns a pair of these!

Post submitted by Jolevette

Love to show off you personality through shoes? Always dreamed of having something custom-made just for you? Well now you can. For a limited time, you can stop by Henri Bendel, located on the infamous Fifth Avenue in New York City, and have a sandal made-to-order just for you.

Custom made sandals

My shoe size is between an 8 1/2 and 9, and sometimes it’s hard to find a shoe that fits, especially a sandal. Sometimes I find that sandals are made to narrow so toes go over, or the slipper can be too big; but, not anymore! Until July 16th, the cobblers of Tuccia Di Capri, a shoe company that molds sandals for any type of feet, will be available at Henri Bendel’s to hand-make sandals to order. There are a variety of gorgeous styles to choose from. I felt like I was in shoe paradise!

First, the shoemaker measured my feet with a sole and measuring tape to ensure my foot fit perfectly on the sandal. This also helps them make sure the straps would not be too loose or tight. Next, I got to pick a shoe from an amazing selection of designs. After that, I just sat back and relaxed. If they do not have anything you like, they can make additions.

I decided to pick the Tuvo sandal style with a gorgeous white leaf belt, that had crystals sounding at the top of the foot. This design is special and screams…BLING BLING! What makes this style so unique is that the only other person with a similar pair is The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Nene Leakes. Who doesn’t want to share something with a celebrity?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes also owns a pair of these!

The art of cobbling is an old, time-honored craft that comes straight from the shores of Italy and now, to your foot! The cobblers take their time to handcraft your shoe, and if you are willing to wait, they will make it right in front of you! The end result is a perfectly fitted, designed-for-you sandal. Now, you are ready to rock any sandy shore or party this summer with style.

Tuccia Di Capri is based in Miami, FL. Learn more about them here»

Essential Summer Shoes for Every Woman – 2012

Ruthie Davis Women's Punkie Peep-Toe Pump, $1,298.00

Every woman needs to have a go to perennial summer essential shoe collection. This is the time of year when our cute toes get to peek out at the sun after months of being forced into sensible winter boots. In the summer months you get to show off your sexy pedicures without the ubiquitous flip-flop anywhere in sight.

There are five must have types of shows for Summer 2012 –
1- CLASSIC – Light colored ballet flats: for everything from swingy short skirts to skinny leg jeans
2- ELEGANT – Nude colored pumps: can be worn with business suits as well as cocktail dresses
3- TRENDY – Fun colored  wedges: shorts, maxi dresses, short dresses…the possibilities are limitless
4- SEXY – Black high heel boots with a spring twist: do I even need to give examples of what you can wear such boots with? Black high heel boots are the epitome of must have shoes.
5- WILD – Bright colored f**k-me stilettos: to be saved for a night out when you want to leave your mark on everyone you meet.

The ballet flat is basic shoe but does not need to be dowdy. This blush-tone style, in a pale pink hue, lends sweetness to any outfit while the metal cap-toe gives you an edge.

Ballerina Metal Cap-Toe flats, $50 at Zara

Nude colored pumps can be worn either day or night and add a bit of elegance to any type of outfit. Try this one with a comfortable cushioned platform can go directly from the office to a party.

Steve Madden Women’s Beasst Pump, $62.99 – $89.95

A standout wedge shoe can make any outfit pop. Buckles around the ankles are preferable to sling backs and remember to get a platform wedges for extra height.

Fergie Women’s Pacifica Sandal, $99.95

Black heeled boots are a staple in any closet, a must have and can dress up any plain skirt or dress.  For a black boot with a “spring twist” get a boot with peek toes or a cutout at the foot that is not clunky.

Chinese Laundry Women's Jubilee Open-Toe Bootie

Chinese Laundry Women’s Jubilee Open-Toe Bootie, $71.20

Every woman deserves a hot looking stiletto, in a bright spring color, for those nights when she’d like to let her freak flag fly high. For added attention get an extra sexy pair with low-cut vamp for ample toe cleavage, an architectural heel and a peep toe.

Ruthie Davis Women’s Punkie Peep-Toe Pump, $1,298.00

Post submitted by Ramola Poonai.

Kardashian Spring/Summer 2012 Accessories


Last week when I previewed the Kardashian’s new home collection, I also had the opportunity to preview the upcoming swimwear, bag, and accessories that will be launched later on this year. This expansion of their current Kardashian Kollection line shows that there is nothing off-limits for the trio. Take a look below. Which piece can’t you wait to see in stores?


Let’s Play a Game: Superbowl Outfit Touchdown


So Eli Manning and Tom Brady are at it again. This age-old rivalry will take place this Superbowl XVLI this Sunday as the Giants take on the Patriots in Indianapolis. And while your man will probably be sporting his favorite player’s jersey, you can make sure you look like his own championship ring at the Superbowl party.

Find your style to be the ultimate trophy by following the chart pictured below. Here are the steps to follow to make sure your outfit is a touchdown:

Step 1: Pick your team
Step 2: Pick your favorite guy
Step 3: Select what top best suits your style
Step 4: Stand out in sexy shoes
Step 5: Don’t forget your bottoms!
Step 6: Have fun at the party!

Where to buy the items pictured

New York Giants
Sequined Racerback Tank, $14.50
Easy Flow Tiered Tank, $10
Waleo shoe from Jessica Simpson in Blue Violet, $89
Promise Goodness Wine Red Mary Jane Power Platform Pumps, $37
Dittos Dawn High Rise Royal Blue Skinny Jeans, $79
White Women’s Denim Retro-Flare Sailor Pants, $25

New England Patriots
Dark blue (DKBL) one shoulder tunic, $24
One Shoulder Embellished Dolman Top, $50.99
Promise Manchi Silver Spike Peep Toe Party Pumps, $49
Nine West Dasher Peep-Toe Pump, $89
New Semester Red Pants, $35
Women’s Front-Seam Skinny Jeans, $29

Written by Jolevette; Chart created by Delialicious

Can you spot the more expensive shoe?


When you buy shoes, do you pay for the designer name brand or the fashionable style? If you see shoes by high-end designers that you covet, but can’t afford the designer price tag, it’s very easy find similar styles that look just as good, but won’t break your bank account. Take a look at some of the shoes below. Can you spot the expensive designer footwear from the cheaper version?

On the left: Dior ‘Miss Dior’ Platform Pump ($660)
On the right: Arturo Chiang Orina Pumps ($69.99)

On the left: Luichiny Women’s Fanta See Platform Pump ($69.95)
On the right: Vince Camuto ‘Missie’ Pump ($118.95)

On the left: Kate Spade Gwen Open-Toe Pump Neutral Snake ($334.00)
On the right: Calvin Klein Women’s Kail Platform Open-Toe Pump ($70.99)

On the left: Jimmy Choo Vibe Glitter-Coated Leather Peep Toe Pumps ($795.00)
On the right: Rampage Gracee Pump ($49.00)

Ring in the New Year with New Shoes

BP. 'Magikal' Pump

If you’re still looking for the perfect pair of glittery footwear to ring in the New Year with, then look no further. I’ve scoured the World Wide Web to bring you my favorite sparkling creations, sure to out rival the shine of the most decked out Christmas tree. After all, shoes can change a girl’s life at midnight… just ask Cinderella.

  BP. 'Magikal' Pump

BP. 'Magikal' Pump ($89.95)

Poetic Licence Perfectly Lovely Bootie

Poetic Licence Perfectly Lovely Bootie ($29.94)

Nina Women's Evan Pump

Nina Women's Evan Pump ($87.99)


Nine West Cress pumps ($99.00)

Dress Like it’s your Birthday…Everyday


When I think of birthdays, I envision multi-colored confetti sprinkled all over a room, so why not feature that kind of inspiration in your wardrobe. There should always be at least one item in your closet that screams, “Party over here!”. Add at least one glittery, muti-cored staple piece to your collection, and Happy Birthday!

Iron Fist Twinkle Toes Platform Shoes - Multi-Colored Sequin, $50

Rare Multi Sequin Mini Skirt, $70.08Iron Fist Twinkle Toes Platform Shoes - Multi-Colored Sequin, $50

Sterling Silver Multi Color Necklace/Earring Set, $22.99

White Strapless Confetti Dress, $110

Celebrity Shoes…and where you can get them

So I’ve done a post like this before, and it’s one of my favorite types of articles to write AND to read. Because celebrities are thought of as having access to exclusive fashion goods, I love investigating what they are wearing, and where you can go to get the same exact thing. That’s right! Keep reading to learn how you can walk in the same shoes as Hillary Duff, Fergie, and Selena Gomez.

When out to lunch with her mother and hubby Mike Comrie in Beverly Hills, CA, Hillary Duff chose to wear leather buckled 4 inch heeled boots by Vivienne Westwood. You can buy the same except boot at Zapoos Couture for $399.99.

Photo by

Hillary Duff wears Vivienne Westwood Skyscraper Seditionary - $399.99

Back in July Selena Gomez wore head-turning studded taupe suede ankle booties while promoting her film “Monte Carlo.” You can buy the same shoes at My for $354.75.

Photo by Bauer Griffin

Selena Gomez wears Sam Edelman Putty Renzo Suede Ankle Boot Stud Heel - $354.75

Leopard print is so in this season that not even trendsetter Fergie could resist adding the animal-print to one of the booties in her footwear line.  She wore her leopard print Women’s Gatsby Too Oxford bootie at Nordstrom to debut the Fergie Footwear Fall 2011 Collection in Los Angeles, California last month. You can get them at Nordstrom for $139.95.

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images North America

Fergie Women's Gatsby Too Oxford - $139.95

A peep toe beauty – Sexiest shoe of the year

3rd place ChrisseM

Every year, Footwear News, a division of Women’s wear Daily, has a vote to choose the sexiest shoe of the year. The winner for 2011 is far superior to last year’s winner, Christian Louboutini Maralena Stilettos, in style, design and price. While the 2010 winner was priced at $2,445, this year’s sexiest shoes cost a mere $695. Over 35,000 votes were cast online in the contest this time around. For you shoe fetish, below are the top three runners-up, followed by the winner.

Feast your eyes…

Third place in the sexist shoes vote — Chrissie Morris ($1365)

Second runner up — Prada ($1200)

First runner up —Jimmy Choo ($2095)

Winner of the sexiest shoes —Valentino ($695)

Post submitted by Ramola Poonai

Fashionable Rain Boots


It has been raining nonstop in NYC over the last few weeks, and I have decided that it is time for me to cave in and purchase rain boots. I have been putting off owning a pair of these unfashionable ghastly creations for the longest time, but I’ve come to realize that rubber, waterproof footwear are a must-have for the kind of weather we have been experience here. But, I refuse to buy just any rain boot…oh, no, this fashionsista needs to purchase rain boots worthy of a runway or spread in Elle magazine. So, during my quest for cute, fashionable looking rain boots I’ve come across some really cool looking ones, and wanted to share them with you.

Fun Prints

  1. Kamik Women’s Amelia Rain Boot, $54.95 at
  2. Baxter Rain Boot, $69.95 at
  3. Women’s Rose Print Rain Boots – Navy, $32.99 at
  4. Kamik Heather , $42.00 at
  5. Gabriella Rocha Mission, White Floral, $49.00 at

High Fashion

The thing I dislike the most about rain boots is that you have to walk with shoes to change into when you each your destination. So, during my search I spent a  lot of time looking at boots that will not only act as rain protectors but look chic, and can be worn all day.

1. Coach Tristee Rainboot, $118

2. HUNTER “Champery” Wedge Rain Boots, $175.00

3. HUNTER “Regent Savoy” Rain Boots, $175.00

4. HUNTER “Lapins” Lace-Up Knee-High Rain Boots, $225

5. Dirty Laundry Rhane Rain Boot, $49.95

First-Ever Outfit Post: Flower Power


After seeing the fashionable and summer chic way my sister was dressed, I asked her to snap some photos of her outfit, for this blog’s first-ever outfit post. I was so happy with the end result that I’ve decided to add a new Personal Style section to this blog.

H&M Flower Hair Acessory, $3

H&M Top, $5

Betsey Johnson Peep-Toe Valll Wedges, $89.99

Guess Watch, $100

Long Tierred White Flow Skirt, $10

Outfit Details

She got the Betsy Johnson Peep Toe Wedge in Pink Muti (floral printed fabric), $89.99 at the Betsy Johnson boutique in Midtown Manhattan for 70% off – (They are also available for $59.99 at

The floral printed top, was a steal…just $5 at H&M! The flower hair accessory was also from H&M, $3.

You can get a similar white tiered skirt at for $24.48: CALYPSO St. Barth for Target® Petites Tiered Maxi Skirt in Fresh White.

The watch was bought at the GUESS store in SoHo for $100 last September during Fashion Night Out. GUESS has a new White Hot collection; visit their website to see some of the styles available.

End of Summer Hottest Trend – Leopard Print

Miranda Kerr poses at the David Jones Spring/Summer fashion preview on Burke Street on August 10, 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. (August 9, 2011 - Photo by Lucas Dawson/Getty Images AsiaPac)

Miranda Kerr poses at the David Jones Spring/Summer fashion preview on Burke Street on August 10, 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. (August 9, 2011 - Photo by Lucas Dawson/Getty Images AsiaPac)

I absolutely adore this season’s latest trend fixation – leopard print. It’s become the new black, or neutral, that you can wear just about anything with. It’s hard to walk into any fashion store and not find pieces with solid black spots peppered against a golden hue, mimicking the look of a leopard’s coat. Leopard print does have a sexy allure to it, and you can unleash your inner wild side with small pieces, or adorn yourself with a full-printed jumpsuit. Here are some of my faves:

Wear sexy leopard pumps to dress-up a netural-colored outfit. - Leopard Print Satin Pumps ($59.00-$66.00)

If you choose to wear a full leopard print outfit, wear solid shoes. The key to this trend is to not go too overboard. - Kardashian Kollection Women's Jersey Wrap Top Jumper

A short leopard mini is the perfect choice for a night out on the town with your girls, or with that special someone. - Alfani Dress, Short Sleeve Animal Print Front Zip Orig. ($49.99)

You can even add leopard print into your professional attire. - Leopard print blazer (26.50).

Smaill leopard-print accessories are a good way to quietly rock this trend. - Betsy Johnson Skinny Leopard Strap Square Face Watch ($125.00)

New Obsession: The Kardashian Kollection

image taken from

image taken from

So I have to admit it, I have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Kardashian sisters new clothing line for Sears. Honestly, with the success of running their own clothing store, I was surprised that they would design a line to be featured in the stores of a major retailer, but I’m happy they did. The fashion line is exactly what I would except from the trio: figure-hugging clothes, sexy platforms, and glamorous jewelry. The line called, Kardashian Kollection, includes all of the above, in addition to sunglasses, belts, lingerie and handbags.

It was definitely no surprise that during the online 30% off 72-hour pre-sale, which launched August 8th, a majority of the items sold out quickly. Missed the pre-sale? The Kardashian Kollection is available for purchase at now, and if you use the special coupon code “Kardashian,” you can still take advantage of the 30% off deal.

The Kardashian Kollection will hit Sears stores nationwide on August 26th.

print screen from

Sampling of the Kardashian Kollection shoe line.

print screen from

Sampling of the Kardashian Kollection jewerly.

Item Must-Have: Sparkle Sneakers


I am not an impulse buyer by any means, but the other day when I was walking by Bakers shoe store in midtown Manhattan, glittering multi-colored sneaker stopped me in my tracks, and I had no choice but to enter the store and ask to try on a pair of the sparkly footwear. Usually I would never buy sneakers that were impractical or childish, but impractical and childish these are not. Memorizing, captivating and fun are the adjectives I would use to describe these chicly decorated H by Halston Baillee sneakers. These sneakers added instant glamour to my usual black pants and shirt attire, and are available in three styles: White/Glitter or Black/Glitter & Man Made or Black Multi/Glitter & Suede.

I chose the multi glitter suede style, after seeing how each step I took glistened in the light, and for $29.99, it’s quite a steal! Head to Bakers and get yourself a pair before they’re sold out»

I could not stop staring at my feet as I walked.

Bling, Bling!

Love the shine!

(Photos taken by Jolevette)

Rock the Red Pump

Caparros Object Pump $59.95

Every 9 minutes, someone is infected with HIV.
The Red Pump Project

March 10th is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD). It’s a nationwide initiative, recognized by the U.S. very year, in order “to raise awareness about the increasing impact of HIV/AIDS on women & girls.” The Red Pump Project is a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 that not only raises awareness on this day, but urges women to take action, encourages HIV testing, raises funds and tries to open dialogue about sexual and reproductive health. This year, marks the third annual Rock the Red Pump™ campaign, which uses a red shoe to represent the courage of women infected with HIV/AIDS. Today’s post is inspired by, you guessed it, fashionable red pumps!  See below for some fierce and fabulous red pumps.

This blog signed up to be a part of the 2011 Red Pump Rockers. Please visit The Red Pump project to how you can get involved»


Enzo Angiolini 'Sully' Platform Pump $88.95

Second Glance Fashions Women's Red Satin Women's Red Heart Pumps $39



NYLA Bristoll Platform High Heels $49.99

Caparros Object Pump $59.95

Walk like a Celebrity…if you can afford to

(March 24, 2009 - Photo by Photo Agency)

Celebrities wear the most fabulous shoes. Just because your name doesn’t appear in headlights, that doesn’t mean you can wear the same footwear as your favorites stars. Here’s what the celebs are wearing and where you can buy the exact same shoes.

Audrina Partridge arrived at a hotel in Sydney wearing Tory Burch “Reva” Ballet Flats, which you can buy for $195 at Bloomindales.

(March 24, 2009 - Photo by Photo Agency)

Bella Thorne accessorized her hot pink cocktail dress with Kate Spade New York Charm Heel at the Justin Bieber movie premier. You can buy the shoes online at for $325.

(February 8, 2011 - Photo by Bauer Griffin)

Hayden Panettiere wore black mesh and patent Aileen ankle booties with red lining by Charles Jourdan at Chateau Marmont on Feb. 23rd. You can buy them for yourself at for $154.45.

(February 23, 2011 - Photo by

Jennifer Lopez stunned in these metal stud embellished Gucci Sigourney sandals. You can buy these right off their website in 3 different colors: honey color python ($1250); light tobacco leather($795), and military green suede ($795), which J-Lo is wearing in the picture below.

(November 19, 2010 - Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images North America)


Jimmy Choo launching shoe collection for men


“I’ve lost my Choo!” This famous line was uttered by a frantic Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in a scene in Sex & the City when she loses one side of her beloved Jimmy Choo shoes while trying to catch the Staten Island ferry. This winter/autumn 2011, you may hear a man repeat these same exact words, because Jimmy Choo, the women’s luxury designer company, has recently unveiled collection of footwear for men. The collection, which debuted this week at Milan’s Fashion Week, includes Oxfords, biker boots, sneakers, loafers and a wide range of evening slippers with prices ranging from $595 and $1,095, in addition to a $9,000 boot made of real crocodile skin. The line has been described as reminiscent of ‘70s Mayfair playboy, and features an assortment of footwear designs from classically understated to colorful animal prints. The line is expected to be available online for purchase by the summer, and may also be offered at select department stores.