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Thinking About Going Platimum Like Adam Levine?

redken products

untitledWhen the summertime comes around, many people tend to lighten their locks, but it came as a shock when Adam Levine debuted his new blonde look last week. Whether or not your love it or hate it, the “Sunday Morning” crooner looks to be having fun while learning if blondes really do have more fun.

“Every cool dude does it at least once: either a buzz or goes blonde,” says Redken Hair Color Consultant David Stanko. “I would use Redken Flash Lift Maximum Power Lightening Powder and a 30 volume developer to lift Adam’s medium-brown hair to pale yellow. Then, I would use Shades EQ to tone and keep it cool for a cool guy like Adam. Of course, guy or gal, Redken’s Blonde Idol is a must to maintain.”

If you’re thinking about going platinum blonde, or if you already are, it’s important to manintain you’re hair’s color vibrancy by using the right products such as Redken’s NEW Blonde Idol haircare range, which delivers a specialized haircare treatment that is meant to protect plantim locks from the sun’s rays and helps to maintain the hair’s color. The system includes the following:

1. Sulfate-Free Shampoo: This pH balancing, extra-gentle shampoo gently cleanses and strengthens to maintain the hair’s integrity.
2. Custom-Tone Violet Conditioner: Light enough for even the finest blonde hair, this custom-tone conditioner releases a custom calibrated blend of color-depositing and conditioning dual-chamber formulas to help maintain tonality. The violet contains kerabond, violet leaf extract and lactic acid to strengthen and neutralize brassiness for cool blondes.
3. BBB Blonde Multi-Benefit conditioning spray: To balance, beautify and brighten your blonde, spritz in this lightweight leave-in or rinse-out multi-benefit conditioner.
4. Mask nourishing rinse-out treatment: This lightweight, nourishing formula targets porous, damaged areas with intense hydration and smoothness to renew softness and amplify shine.

redken products

Product Review: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Curl Condition Hair Pudding

palmers coconut oil

cocnut_oil_palmers If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen me rave about Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Curl Condition Hair Pudding. Considering the price of this hair wonder – a 14 0z jar retails for around $6 – it really is a great deal for an amazing product that produces results comparable to other high end brands.

After washing my hair, I apply it to my curls while they are still damp and let them air dry. Once my hair dries, the result is a perfect head of spirals. My hair is soft to the touch, not crunchy or hard, and it bounces as I walk. The best part for me is that my curls stay elongated, long after it dries and the definition stays all day. palmers coconut oil The white curly pudding has a creamy consistency and features pure coconut oil, vitamin E, and keratin. It also has a light scent, which fades throughout the day, which is great since I don’t like my hair to smell stronger than my perfume. palmers coconut oil product

The one thing about this product that I will note, is that you need to wet your hair in order to style it again the following day after using the pudding. It does build up, so you need to rinse it out of your hair daily. Other than that, it’s great.

Pureology Launches New Hair Strength Cure System



Our hair often endures many different processes from heat styling to hair coloring that results in damage. Colour treated hair especially may suffer from mechanical damage micro-scarred damage as a result of the penetration of colour pigments during processing. To combat damaged/micro-scarred colour-treated hair, Pureology introduced Strength Cure this month, a comprehensive reparative haircare system that improves hair strength and softness.

“Damage is a core issue for virtually all of my clients. From heat styling to colouring, their hair is really put through the ringer,” says Natasha Sunshine, Pureology Artistic Ambassador and owner of Pureology’s Flagship Salon, Byuti. “With Pureology’s NEW Strength Cure, I can see strength improvement, added softness and vibrancy immediately.”

The first of its kind, the system uses Asta-Repair™ to heal, strengthen, and protect hair from colour oxidation. Asta-Repair™ features Astaxanthin, one of the most powerful carotenoids, with up to 500x the an antioxidant action of Vitamin E that is 10x more powerful than beta carotene. Astaxanthin is coupled a unique AntiFade Complex, which helps to ensure colour preservation. Keravis, Ceramide and Arginine, are also included in the Asta-Repair™ system, and helps replace the depleted cysteine content inside the cortex, while also helping to heal the micro-scarred cuticle to restore a velvet touch.

Here is a list of the products available in the line:

Shampoo, $27 (8.5 oz)
Gentle formula cleanses and helps fortify hair with a soft finish.

Condition, $29 (8.5 oz)
Opulent formula instantly conditions and detangles, improving hair’s touch and light reflection.

Masque, $50 (5.2 oz)
Our lush conditioning masque intensely fortifies and helps reduce breakage for increased strength and shine.

Fabulous Lengths, $28 (3.4 oz)
Luxurious serum for micro-scarred/damaged colour-treated hair helps strengthen the hair fiber to help reduce breakage and bring softness to even the most breakage prone strands.

Split End Salve, $28 (1.7 oz)
Strengthening salve with high concentration of coconut oil penetrates the hair and coats the surface, softening and conditioning your most porous ends.

Get $10 Off Your Next Blowout



Now that Spring is finally upon us and the weather is warming up, it’s time to get ready to ditch the winter hats and reveal those gorgeous locks thatt have been tucked away for the last few months. Give your hair a glamorous makeover at The Red Door, with their new express beauty service, Red Carpet Blow Dry, which deep conditions to instantly repair and smooth hair for a silky, shiny finish in just 15 minutes. The professional results may last up to 3 shampoos and can be added as an enhancement to any hair service. Created for all hair colors and lengths, this treatment is available at all Red Door Spa locations.

For a limited time, The Red Door is offering $10 off you next blowout. Here’s how you can take advantage of this special promotion:

1. Snap a selfie of you fabulous blowout
2. Post it on Instagram between now and March 31, using #TheRedDoorGal and @RedDoorSpa
3. Show to the front desk team upon checkout and receive $10 off your blowout.

Who doesn’t like taking selfies or getting a fabulous blowout? Hurry over to your nearest Red Door location. The Selfie Cash promotion ends March 31st.

Pureology Launches Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo and Conditioner


110fa_condition_rgb_small_pptwebThis fall, Pureology will be launching its new Fresh Approach, Dry Shampoo and Conditioner for color-treated hair. One of the leading causes for color fading is water abrasion, which can occur in a pool or even in your own shower. Pureology’s new line aims to combat this problem and extend the life of your hair color with a no-rinse cleansing collection that includes a dry shampoo and conditioner. When used twice a week in place of water cleansing for 10 weeks, the combo was shown to reduce color-stripping water abrasion by 40%, and extend hair color power by up to 4 weeks.

The unique, mineral-infused formula features the company’s proprietary AntiFade Complex® to refresh color-treated hair while Orange Oil adds a radiant, low-mattifying finish.

Both the shampoo and condition treatment will be available October 2013 in salons nationwide for $24 each. Please visit to learn more and find a salon near you.

BASIC Hair Pop Up Hair Salon During Fro Fashion Week

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Post by Jolevette

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Jolevette getting her hair washed. Photo by

On September 6th, BASIC Hair operated a Pop Up Hair salon as a part of Fro Fashion Week. This first time extravaganza focused solely on the beauty and style of all natural hair. Curly, kinky, wavy – every curl type was welcome!  I decided to try the BASIC all natural hair service. BASIC, prides itself on its BASIC boost treatment that not only smoothes your hair when wanting to wear it straight, but also can define your curl.

My hair was treated with a “Boost”, which consists of Boost Sulfate Free Shampoo and Boost Rapid Conditioner. If you have a lot of products build up in your hair, use a clarifying shampoo beforehand and followed by the Boost Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair was the softest it has even been after this wash. The leave-in conditioner was applied and my hair then sectioned. The hair stylist, Dawn, then proceeded to add the curl defining gel to each section (not a lot, literally a dime piece), and then double strand braid my hair and then I was sent to it under the drier.

At this point I had two options, unravel the braids or continue to let the hair air dry.


I chose the latter. I returned the next day to have loosen the braids and the result; soft, bouncy and defined curls! I couldn’t believe it when I saw myself in the mirror.

The main idea behind this line is keeping your hair natural whether you choose to wear it straight or curly. The Boost treatment will help your hair get healthy, retain and add vital protein to your hair and give your tresses a lustrous look after every wash and style. But, not only does this product aim to make your hair fabulous, the Herbaceous Oil works in your hair to add shine and penetrate to add nutrients to your hair; it can also be used as a body oil. I tried a dab on my hands and it did not sit on my skin like most body oils so, after a few seconds of massaging into my hand, it disappeared leaving my hand silky and smooth. The key to this lightweight miracle is the essential oils used that do not sit; these oils are the oils that penetrate the skin in order to do its job!

The final result. Photo by Photo by

The final result. Photo by Photo by

I had a great experience and the staff were friendly and full of Southern Hospitality! I will definitely be adding the Boost treatment to my hair care regiment! For further information, check out the BASIC Hair Care website to locate a BASIC style expert near you.

FTC Disclosure: Services were provided gratis

Get The Look: The Hair At Paola Hernandez’s SS14 Fashion Show

SS14 Paola Hernandez side- lr

PH-SS14-2- lr

Mexican designer Paola Hernández presented her Spring 2014 Collection titled “Singularity,” at Chelsea art space Churner and Churner Gallery during New York Fashion Week. The collection portrays the notion of Singularity with pleats that represent the unfolding of the spark in each of our hearts.

To complement the fashions, the hair of the models were made sleek but also featured an unexpected twist of a tight, center braid, creating a strong, yet feminine look.

SS14 Paola Hernandez side- lr

“Paolas’ collection this season has strong shapes but have a beautiful fluid movement so I wanted the hair to reflect that with the strength of the braid and soft flow of shin, silky, straight hair,” said Jenny Balding, Cutler Salon Stylist & Redken Grooming & Styling Expert. “This look can be worn really at any time but it’s a fantastic alternative to wearing your hair down for an evening look.”

SS14 Paola Hernandez back- lr

Here’s how you can get the look, and watch the video below to see exactly what Jenny did to achieve the bold hair style.

•Blow dry very straight with Redken align 12 protective straightening lotion
•Section a mohawk section of 2″ width coming into a point at the nape.
•Apply Redken align 12 protective straightening lotion again to this section as it will help hold the braid. Reverse braid from the hairline right down to the nape and secure with small band.
•Finish with Cutler Flyaway Stick on stray hairs to keep the look polished.


Not sure how to wear your hair for your next hot date, or casual outing with friends? Then look no further than the new how-to tutorials by Redken, featuring everything from updos to pin straight hair. The great thing about the tutorials is that each model in the videos styles their hair themselves, without any assistance, showing you don’t need a professional stylist to recreate each look.

Click here to view the videos and learn professional tips, trick and techniques so that every day is a good hair day.


New: Pureology Reviving Red Hair Care Line

Pureology Reviving Red
On Thursday, January 31st, I had the opportunity to attend an event to learn more about Reviving Red, a new hair care line developed by Pureology for red and copper color-treated hair. People with red hair often contend with fading and color bleeding; this hair care line makes it possible for red and copper treated hair to last up to 30 washes. The system includes a unique blend of oils to nourish, illuminate, and protect the hair from free radical aggressors. Reviving Red also delivers lycopene, a powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes and other red fruits, to help prevent color bleeding. The line includes a shampoo, conditioner, Caring Oil, and most notably, a color-depositing conditioning treatment. To learn more about the Reviving Red hair care line, please click here.

Introducing Curvaceous by Redken


On Tuesday, October 9th, I had the opportunity to visit Redken’s New York City Headquarters to learn more about Curvaceous, a new hair care and styling line specially formulated for loose waves to curly hair. The products employ cutting edge technology such as sugar crystals and moringa oil to restore curly’s hear vitality and reduce frizz by up to 97% for up to three days.

Curvaceous consists of seven different products: Cream Shampoo, Conditioner, Curl Diva nourishing mask, Wind Up reactivating spray, Ringlet perfecting lotion, Full Swirl cream serum, and Wave Ahead texturizing mousse.

As a curly haired girl, I’m excited about the launch of this line. The main product that caught my attention is the conditioner, which can be rinsed out after shampooing, or left in to be blended with other products for extra definition.

The in Full Swirl 2-in-1 cream serum is also a must-have. The swirl formula mixes a serum with a lightweight cream to control frizz and lock-in moisture.

Not sure which products in the line would be right for you? There’s an app for that. Using Redken’s Style Station app, customers and stylists are able to receive a customized regimen after making a number of selections about hair ringlets, including hair type and curl pattern. By simply touching the screen on an iPad or iPhone, hair literally moves and bounces off the screen as you make your selections, creating the ultimate interactive experience. The system is able to create up to 180 regimens, customized for every type of curl and wave, using Curvaceous’ unique mix of products.

The Style Station app can help you customize a regimin specifically for your hair type.

Embrace your curls, and give some of the products a try. The entire Curvaceous line is available in in hair salons across the country.

Beauty Secrets from my mom Part 3: Using Eggs in Shampoo

All rights reserved by Myrwin

So far I have revealed my mom’s secrets for great skin, and how she gets a natural flush across her cheeks.

All rights reserved by Myrwin

All rights reserved by Myrwin

Today, I’m going to divulge her secret for soft, shiny hair. We all know the benefits of eating eggs. They are rich in protein, vitamins and biton, and usually people eat them. Well, not my mom. Since I was a kid I’ve seen her crack open an egg and add it to her hair instead of to the frying pan. The same essential vitamins and nutrients found in eggs that are good for your body, are also good for your hair. Eggs strengthen hair follicles, and some serious shine. Here are the steps:

1.       Before shampooing hair, beat an egg in a bowl and set aside.

2.       Shampoo hair normally.

3.       In place of conditioner, massage the egg mix onto the hair and scalp and leave on for 15 minutes

4.       Rinse the egg out with COOL water (Caution: make sure you do not use hot water to rinse the egg out, or it will scramble in your hair).

5.       Optional: Shampoo hair again to rinse the smell out of your hair

6.       Style as usual.

Must-Have Product: The Style & Go™ Hair Care Valet

I don’t know about you, but we women (and some men) often use tons of electrical appliances to keep our hair looking its best.

The Style and Go Hair Care Valet with the cabinte closed.

Whether it’s a blow dryer or hair iron, we own tons of gadgets with long, tangled cords that can only be used when plugged into an outlet. On top of that, in order to use these tools we require the outlet to be near a mirror. Then, once our styling is over, the tools are returned to the clutter of other products creating a potential fire hazard.

Momtrepreneur and Inventor Marcy McKenna, has invented a product that solves all of the above issues. It’s called the The Style & Go™ Hair Care Valet, and is a mounted cabinet that neatly stores hair care appliances and products. McKenna beat out thousands of contestants in Kelly Ripa’s TLC series, Homemade Millionaire, which follows aspiring female entrepreneurs in their quest to land a lucrative deal with mega-giant retailer, HSN.

The Style & Go™ is a unique product, and there is nothing else like it in the market. In addition to offering a clutter-free way to store appliances, the sleek design comes with a built-in power cord, electrical outlets, and features mirrors on both the exterior and interior cabinet door for multi-side viewing while styling.

The Style and Go Hair Care Valet with cord doors open

I am a huge fan of products that can my aid in making my beauty routine hassle-free, so I think this is an awesome product. After I straighten my hair in the morning, I put my warm iron away and hope that when I return home, my house hasn’t burned down. With the Style & Go™, there is no need to wait for your appliances to cool down. You can set your hair appliances in the cabinet right after you use it, shut the door, and leave.

The Style and Go Hair Care Valet with cord doors closed

Style & Go™ is set to make its HSN debut on July 25th, so be sure to tune in on the following days:

July 25th 6:00 am EST
July 27th 1:00 pm EST
July 28th 5:00 am EST

For more information go to

New Semi-Permanent Smooth Lock in-salon service and At-Home Regimen

The new Smooth Lock 2-step system dramatically rduced frizz and impoves hair's manageability.

Yesterday I attended the press preview event for Redken’s new Semi-Permanent Smooth Lock in-salon service and retail line. This innovative new salon service and at-home regimen will be launching in early July, just in time for the summer when hair is most vulnerable to frizz. Whether hair is straight or curly, the 2-step heat-activated service is able to smooth strands, for a frizz-free result that lasts up to 10 shampoos and cuts styling time almost in half. Smooth Lock is not a straightening system; instead, it temporarily relaxes hair using a combination of heat fuse complex, almond oil and Interlock Protein Network (technology that delivers proteins to repair hair from the inside out). The result is silky smooth, manageable hair that’s easy to style.

The new Smooth Lock 2-step system dramatically reduces frizz and impoves hair’s manageability.

This system is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a laborious amount of time damaging their hair with hot styling tools in an effort to eliminate frizz. I’m excited about this service because I spend hours straightening my naturally curly hair, and as soon as I go outside, my perfectly polished locks channel their inner Diana Ross and I’m back to square one. Since, the heat fuse complex creates a protective barrier against humidity, I won’t have to worry about this problem anymore (I love you Diana, but I can’t rock an afro of curls at work!).

Check it out: One side of this model’s hair is dried naturally with no products. The second side was treated with Semi-Permanent Smooth Lock service and flat ironed.

The Semi-Permanent Smooth Look Technique is not just valuable to people like me who want to smooth out their curls; it is also useful for women who wish to have curly or wavy hair. There are currently four different service options offered: The Ultra Straight Technique, The Curl Refining Technique, The Smooth Wave Technique, and an Express Smooth Service. The entire smoothing process takes about 45 minutes, and can be performed very 3 to 6 weeks.

Relaxed tresses can be maintained at home with The Smooth Lock retail line, which features heat-activated formulas, including Heat-Glide leave-in protective smoother, which reduces frizz by 92% and lasts up to 48 hours. The products can be used alone, or in combination with the in-salon service, and range in price from $15-$17.

Rodney Cutler, Redken Brand Ambassador and owner of Cutler/Redken salons, was on hand to provide information on the service and product line.

Click here to locate a Redken salon near you»

Accessorize Your Hair

Photo: INF Goff via MSN

Sometimes all you need to dress up an outfit is a fabulous hair accessory. However, just because Sara Jessica Parker can pull off wearing an over-the-top peacock hair piece, that doesn’t mean everyone else can. Hair accessories add a little extra something that can beautify an otherwise dull outfit, but the trick is to not overdo it. The wrong kind of hair bling can make you look like something out of a Lady Gaga video. But, when worn correctly, stylish and elegant hair accessories can enhance how fabulous you already look, and are a trendy way to show off your personality. See below for some classy hair pieces sure to add a little glamour to your style.