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Just In Time For Valentine’s: Chocolate Nail Polish Removers from Ciaté


I love wearing nail polish, but the one thing that I don’t look forward to is taking the color off. Very few removers actually smell good, so I was excited to learn that UK-based nail brand Ciaté has unveiled a newly formulated collection of Chocolate Scented Nail Polish Removers. Decant sugary scents include white, dark, mint and orange chocolate, making the nail polish removal process a yummy treat for your hands and senses. The ammonia-free removers aim to gently remove colors while Vitamins E and B5 work to condition and nourish nails. The removers currently retail for $16 each online.

Customize Your Nail Polish


Even though there are thousands of nail polish colors out on the market, it can still be hard to find the perfect shade you are looking for, whether it’s a glittering red to wear on the holidays or a subdued nude to wear to the office. If you find it challenging to find the perfect shade for your nails or, if you just like to have fun playing with nail polish, then read on. There are a variety of kits available that you can use to create your very own customized nail blend of colors, effects, labels and more.

Ciaté Nail Lab
Newly launched this winter, Ciaté’s Nail Lab kit contains everything you need to create the ultimate nail polish at-home. Featuring salon-quality nail colors, glitter pots, ombre sponge, dotting tool, funnel, and much more, this kit will have you competing with the professionals in no time. And, if you’re feeling overwhelmed the kit comes with a handy recipe cards and instructions so you can easily create the perfect look.

Ciaté  Nail Lab, $65.00

Ciaté Nail Lab, $65.00

Pretty Please
Have you ever thought of a perfect name for a nail polish? Or, if you’re looking for personalized gift to give a nail enthusiast, then check out Pretty Please’s website. First, you select one of 20 colors; then, you get to name the polish whatever you like (there is room for up to 25 characters).


Average cost: $10/bottle

Inspired by coktails, ‘Tini Beauty Lounge, allows customers to create their own custom blends by “cocktailing” colors and effects. You choose your own Mixer (shade altering base coat), Straight Up Color (nail lacquers) and Topper (special effects) to combine in order to create your own signature cocktail color.


Glowing Nails For Fall: Ciaté Corrupted Neon Review


Last week I took a yoga class at the gym and when the lights dimmed, I couldn’t help but notice the nails of the girl next to me glowed in the dimly lit room, and I was obsessed. So, this week I happily tested out Ciaté’s Corrupted Neons Manicure Set, which not only gives you glow-in-the-dark nails, but an oh-so-pretty sparkling manicure for the daytime. Here are the steps to get glowing nails using the kit:
full kit

Step 1: Remove the bottles from the kit and admire the cute little bow on the polish.
For this review, I used Foam Party which includes:
- 0.45 oz Paint Pots Nail Polish in Boom Box
- 0.45 oz Caviar Pearls in Foam Party
- Mini Black Light Topcoat


Step 2: Apply a clear base coat to nails and allow it to dry completely.

Step 3: Apply two heavy coats of the base color.

first coat

Step 4: While nails are still wet, sprinkle the caviar pearls over nails generously, as pictured below.

Step 5: Shake off the excess, and repeat on all nails until done.

I received tons of compliments on neon glitter texture of my nails, and this week, when I returned to the gym, I was the one with glowing nails.


The Ciaté Corrupted Neons Manicure Set is available in 4 shades for $25 at

4th of July Nails with Pure Ice


This 4th of July, showcase your patriotism with polishes from Pure Ice’s Stars & Stripes collection. The collection includes 5 patriotic shades:

  1. Siren- Crème primary red
  2. Dazzle Me- Clear base with silver glitter and mirror hex
  3. Freedom- Red microglitter, red and blue hexes, silver stars
  4. Superstar- White crème
  5. Wide Awake- Clear base with bright blue ultrafine and micro glitter

Learn more about Pure Ice and the new collection, but clicking the image above.

Illamasqua’s UV Nail Varnish in Séance


A few weeks ago I told you about the launch of Illamasqua’s new Paranormal collection, which features a variety of products with bold hues and unexpected textures. Amongst the new collection are four high-impact limited edition nail varnishes, which look great alone, but under UV light, emit a bright glow for stand-out nails. This week I tested out the UV Glow Nail Varnish in SÉANCE (Paranormal bright violet).

What I like: The color glides on smoothly, making the application virtually mistake proof. Within a matter of minutes my nails were dry so the fact that I was able to paint my nails with a gorgeous color, and run out the house in under an hour is a huge plus. The high shine finish gives you a salon-quality manicure, and the subtle hint of shimmer is playful, without being overdramatic. Séance is also the perfect shade of purple, which is perfect for daytime, but still dramatic enough to complement any nighttime look.

How much is it: $17.00

Where to buy: Sephora or


Spring Floral 3-D Nails


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that floras are in this Spring. My sister recently got her nails done, and her nail artist came up with the below design. I love the different colors, patterns and materials used to create the look. What do you think about it?


Halloween Nail Art From Illamasqua


My favorite time of year is coming up in a few short days- Halloween! This blog was founded on that spooktacular holiday two years ago, and what better way to get in the spirit than to make sure that our nails are painted with creative Halloween designs.

British beauty brand Illamasqua’s US Nail Art Ambassador Fleury Rose came up with three DIY nail art designs, featuring Illamasqua’s highly pigmented, long-wearing Nail Varnishes. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how you can get the looks.

Evil Eye 

Illamasqua products used: Nail Varnish in Scorn, Scorch and Serenity (top coat optional)

Tools needed- Dotting tool, tooth pick

1. After applying base coat, paint nails with two coats of Scorn black matte polish. Allow nails to dry for 3-5 minutes
2. Pour out a small amount of scorch onto tin foil. Dip the large end of a dotting tool into white polish and dot onto nail. Repeat step 3 times on each nail. (Pro tip: if polish gets stringy, pour a fresh puddle of Scorn onto foil and continue process.) Allow white dots to dry 3-5 minutes.
3. Pour a small puddle of Serenity onto foil. With the small end of a dotting tool dip into rubber blue polish and dot in the very center of each white circle. Repeat on each nail. Allow to dry 3-5 minutes
4. Dip the point of a tooth pick into Scorn and gently dot a tiny black point into the center of each eye.
5. After drying add optional top coat for a shiny finish, or stay matte.

Vampire’s Kiss 

Illamasqua products used: Nail Varnish in Aorta and Boosh, Precision ink in Scribe

Tools needed- small brush

1. After applying Base coat, paint nails with two coats of Aorta and let dry 3-5 minutes
2. Dip small brush in Boosh, and paint a tiny triangle at the top of the nail. This will create the bow of the lips.
3. Next, paint an oval shape in the center of the red nail to create the opening of the mouth.
4. Allow to dry for 5 minutes (Pro tip: Allowing polish to dry before drawing on nail is very important, or you may smudge the whole thing and ruin your design!)
5. Draw on fangs and lip highlight with Precision ink in Scribe. Precision ink can be layered over its-self to create desired opacity of white.
6. Allow precision ink to dry 3-5 minutes and apply Top Coat.

Witching Hour 

Illamasqua products used: Nail Varnish in Phallic, DWS, Scorch and Blow

Tools needed- Small brush, disposable makeup sponge

1. After applying Base Coat, Apply one thick coat of Phallic. (Pro tip: Do not worry about getting this layer completely even, it will add dimension to the sky we are creating!) 2. Allow this layer to dry 3-5 minutes. Dip the small brush in Blow and create a tiny crescent moon. Next dot on very tiny stars with the tip of the brush.
3. Allow to dry at least 5 minutes.
4. Pour out a small puddle of Scorch, then a small puddle of DWS next to it so they are touching.
5. Dip the corner of your makeup sponge into the polish so you get a little of each color on the sponge. Gently dab on clouds.
6. Allow to dry 3-5 minutes, and apply Top Coat.

OPI Nail Polish Nicki Minaj Collection – Did It On ‘Em


Recently, I attended an outdoor wedding and wanted to pain my nails a color that would truly evoke the summer sunshine and outside colors, so I choose OPI Nail Polish Nicki Minaj Collection – Did It On ‘Em. I got this shade for free at a press event I attended a few months back, and have been waiting for the perfect event that I would be able to wear it to. The polish is a cross between a lime and a lemon. In bright lightning, it looks very yellow, but under darker lights, it appears neon green. If you could mix the color of the green leaves from the trees with the yellow sun beam from the sky, then this is it in a bottle.

The color goes on a little sloppy, since the consistency is watery. I actually did a double take to make sure this was in fact an OPI nail polish, since it seemed substandard to other polishes within the line that I’ve tried in the past. Even with a steady hand, I felt like the polish was working against me. It took a least three coats before the color was vibrant and opaque, but once it dried, I loved the high shine finish.

Overall impression:

You need a lot of patience to use this color. It’s very messy to work with, so go slowly, start with the middle, and work your way out. It took FOREVER to dry. Ten minutes after I applied the polish, I touched it and was left with a fingerprint seal on my nail, so it might be beneficial to use a quick dry spay such as OPI Nail Colour Quick Dry Spray, $12.00 at

Once the color dried it was bright and luminous. It will instantly energize any outfit, and makes your nails stand out. 3/4 stars.


Product Review: Caviar Manicure

final result

Ciaté Caviar Manicure™

I simply adore the hot new caviar nails trend. Adding little beads reminiscent of caviar adds a 3-dimiessional look to your nails, and is able to be chic without making you look like you work for a circus. This week my sister purchased Ciaté Caviar Manicure™. There are three different head-turning color combos to choose from, and she selected the nail polish in Strawberry Milkshake (opaque pale pink) that comes with Caviar Pearls in Rainbow ($25 at

The nail kit comes with easy to follow instructions. Here are the steps:

1.      Apply a base coat.

2.      Paint over the base coat with the Strawberry Milkshake nail color.

3.      While the nail polish is still wet, sprinkle the pearlescent beads on top of the nails (you need to work very quickly, before the polish dries). We found the best way to do this is to pour the beads directly onto the nails from the bottle, with a small tray underneath to catch the excess.

4.      Apply a top coat over the manicure for a long-lasting finish.

What we liked:

  • The charming little bow on the nail polish makes the bottle very attractive and stand out on our beauty table – I think it would make a cute gift.

Nail Polish in Strawberry Milkshake

  • The kit comes with a small funnel, which allowed us to easily pour unused beads back into the bottle.

  • The nails did look professionally done, and my sister received tons of compliments when she went to work the next day.

  • There are a variety of different ways you can war the look. You can cover the entire nail with the beads, just apply to the tips, or come up with your own design.

What we didn’t like:

  • The Strawberry Milkshake polish was as runny as an actual milkshake. It didn’t go on smoothly and has a very loose consistency.
  • As soon as we applied the top-coat, the colors of the beads began to smear.
  • Hours after the manicure, the beads began to fall off. By the end of day 2, it looked like a greedy little kid had picked all the sprinkles off of a cupcake and left behind the evidence of little colored stains.

Overall impression: The base polish seems very cheap and is too watery. I would recommend trying the look with a different polish. I think it’s a great option to use a few hours before going out, when you want to wow everyone with glamorous nails. Just be careful when you wave hello to your friends, a bead might dislodge and land in their eye.

Ready to Go Nude this Summer?


It’s official, nude nails (aka foundation nails), are hot in 2012. Flesh-tone nails were prevalent on the runways of Fall 2012 Fashion Week, but made an even stronger appearance on the runways of Spring 2012. It’s a very easy-to-wear tread, often seen on Kate Middleton, but, as much as I am a fan of this chic nail trend, I have my hesitations. Why? Because the right way to wear this new craze is to choose a color that most resembles your natural skin tone, which, in turn, makes you look like you have plastic doll hands. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Barbie, but I’ve never been a fan of her nails. Something about her corpse-like missing fingernails has always tormented me to the point that I started stealing my mom’s red nail polish to give every doll I owned the manicure they desperately needed. So, the best way to upgrade this trend is to do what Barbie would do (if she had nails) – add some sparkle.

Here’s what I used to get the look:
Konad Image Plate M57
Konad Double Sided Stamp Set
Sephora by OPI Base Coat
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Polish: Duchesse Lace*
Essie Nail polish in Licorice
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Clear
Small rhinestones

*This color has been discontinued. You can use OPI Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh? as an alternative, or your favorite shade of nude nail polish.

Step 1: Begin by using a base coat to smooth out and protect nails.
Step 2: Apply 1-2 layers of nude nail polish and wait for nails to completely dry.
Step 3: With black nail polish, use the Konad Double Sided Stamp Set to imprint the basket weave design located on Konad’s Image Plate M57. The instructions on how to do this come with the kit and are very easy to follow. Basically, you put nail polish directly over the design, and use the scraper to rub of excess nail polish. Then, you roll the stamp over the design, and gently roll the stamp onto your nail. Trust me; it’s a lot easier than it sounds!
Step 4: After the black nail design dries, apply a top coat, which will also serve as your “glue” for the rhinestones. Quickly add the rhinestones individually on each nail.
Step 5: Finish with a coating of nail hardener for a long lasting manicure.

Nude nails are great because they go well with almost every outfit, and you don’t have to go see a professional manicurist if you want to update the look from bland to glam. All you need is a little bit of creativity and the right tools, and your nails will look amazing.

Floral Arrangements for your Nails


Sephora by OPI in Natural Environ-mint.

For my vacation, my sister decided send me off in style – with fabulous nails. Since I’m going to a tropical island, I wanted a light color that reminded me of the sky or the ocean, so we chose Sephora by OPI in Natural Environ-mint. This was the same color we used when we re-created the Sephora by OPI Cherry Blossom Nail Design a few months ago. Click here to read that post.

In addition to a tropical color, I also wanted flowers, so we used the Konad Image Plate M3 along with the Konad Stamping Nail Art kit to create a floral pattern. Here are the steps to get the look.

1. Apply a base coat. We used Sephora by OPI base coat nail polish.

2. Apply the nail color. Test out any color you like. Coral is this season’s hottest new color, so you can give that a  try is you’re not crazy about the blue.

3. Use the Konad Stamping Nail Art kit along with the plate m3. The kit comes with instructions on how to use it. But, basically all you do is apply nail polish to the design, scrape of the excess, use the rubber stamp to pick up the design, and stamp it onto your nail.

After following Step 3, this is what your nails should look like.

4.Apply a top coat over the design for extra staying power. We used Konad’s Top Coat.

5. Just for a little extra jazz (i love anything that blings), we added silver nail polish in the center of each flower. We used Kiss Brush-on Nail Art in SPA10.

5. We finished it off with Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails hardener, which can also be worn alone to protect nails from breakage.

First Giveaway of the Year – Julep Maven Box


***This Contest is Closed***

***The number 66 was chosen using***Congrats to @ktrezz***The winner will be notified via e-mail, and will ahve 48 hrs to claim thier prize before another winner is selected.***

Thank you to everyone who entered. Don’t forget, you can still try the Julep program for just $5 by using coupon code DELIALICIOUS at checkout.

A few days ago I did a review of the Julep Maven program, which gives you access to the hottest hand, nail and foot care products for just $19.99 a month. Subscribers of the program take a fun style quiz online, and experts work behind-the-scenes to select products customized for the fabulous maven that you are. What I like the most about the Maven Box is that most of the products are full-sized, unlike other beauty box programs.

I loved my Julep Maven box so much that I decided that one of you should have the opportunity to try it out for yourself for free! So, for the first giveaway for 2012, I’m giving away a Julep Maven Box. Click here to see the products that were included in my Maven box, so you can get an idea of what your box might include.

If you don’t win the contest, don’t fret, because I have a special deal open to everyone! The Julep Maven program usually costs $19.99 a month to join. But, now, for a limited time, if you use the code DELIALICIOUS, you can have your first box of the trendiest nail colors delivered to your door for just $5.

Here are the rules to enter the contest:

1. Leave us a comment here with your email (= 1 entry).

For one more additional entry to increase your chance of winning:

2.  “Follow” Delialicious Picks on Twitter then leave a comment here letting us know that you did (= 1 entry).

Each comment counts as an entry. The winner will be chosen using For example if the number 4 is selected and your comment is the 4th one down, you will be the winner, so multiple comments increase your chances of winning. You are only allowed one comment for each entry method.

Additional Rules: This giveaway is open to residents of the US only. You must be 18+ to enter. One winner will be chosen at random on January 19, 2012. All entries must be received by January 18th 11:59pm EST.

What’s your Style? Julep Maven Program Review

Julep Maven Program

When I got home last week I was so excited to see a cute red box waiting for me outside my doorstep. I rapidly opened up the box to reveal what I had been waiting for – my “Classic With a Twist” Maven Box, from the Julep Maven program.

Included in my box (pictured below) were:

Julep is a boutique nail salon that offers trendy nail colors, as well as hand and foot care products to keep your mani and pedi looking great. They recently launched their Maven Program, where you can take a fun style quiz online, and receive a customized box of products tailored to your style and delivered to your front door for just $19.95 a month (valued over $40). Shipping is free, and you can cancel your membership at anytime. If you don’t like the products that are selected for you, you can request to have another option selected for you, send your box to someone as a gift, or just skip the month.

As a special offer to Delialicious Picks readers, when you sign up for the Maven program using the code DELIALICIOUS at checkout, you will receive your first Julep Maven Sneak Peek Box for just $5!

All of Julep's polishes are free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin.

I was really impressed with this gorgeous shade of blue called "Taylor." It went on very smooth and dried very quickly.

"Maya," a shimmery peachy-pink color, is so cute, and will look great with any outfit. It didn't go on as smoothly as "Taylor." It requires a little bit more patience, but once it dries, it looks amazing.


Disclosure: This review contains products that were provided by a public relations firm for editorial review.

Sephora by OPI Cherry Blossom Nail Design


This post was actually a family affair. My sister re-created the OPI Cherry Blossom Nail Design originally curated by nail-artist Sophy Robson, and my mom was our hand model.

Sephora recommends that you use the color Havana Dreams for this look, but we tried Natural Environ-Mint ($9.50), which is a very similar pale-blue color, and it worked perfectly! Havana Dreams is just slightly darker and is described as sheer pale sky blue. Natural Environ-Mint is a little lighter and is described as opaque celadon blue. You can use whichever one you want, or even your own favorite light blue nail polish.

My mom modeling Natural Environ-Mint.

This is Sephora’s version of the Cherry Blossom Nail design:

After following the steps, this is how ours turned out:

Below are the steps you have to follow in order to re-create the nail design, which turned out to be a fairly easy process that only took a few minutes.

Get the Look:
1. Apply two coats of SEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour in Havana Dreams, and let dry.
2. Layer on SEPHORA BY OPI Nail Treatment – 3 in 1 Base, Top, & Strengthener, and let dry.
3. Place SEPHORA by OPI Nail Art Gems on the nails, as in the picture. Cut some of the Nail Art Gems in half and place them along the edges if desired.
4. Use a fine-tipped synthetic-bristled brush (like SEPHORA COLLECTION Professionnel Pointed Liner/Eyeliner Brush #17) to draw lines for branches with SEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour in What’s a Tire Jack?.
5. Seal with another coat of SEPHORA by OPI Nail Treatment – 3 in 1 Base, Top & Strengthener.

This was so simple, so give it a try. You can view all the other nail art designs here»

4th of July Nail Art


For this 4th of July I decided to show off pride for my country by painting my nails red, white and blue! To accomplish this task, I used the Konad Nail Stamp Art kit. The kit comes with stencil plates, nail polish, rubber stamps and a scraper. What I like about the Konad kit I used is that it allows you to get creative,  so I was excited to get to work!

Since our nations flag is red white and blue, I made sure the colors were reflected prominently in the nail designs. I first painted my nails with a base coat and then color. For the first design I chose a blue base, and for the second design I chose to use white as my base color.

For both looks, I selected stencil designs of star patterns. Using a small dab of polish, I placed the nail polish over the design I chose and used the Konad scraper to rub off any excess nail polish. Next, I gently rolled the stamp over the design. Then, using the same rolling motion, I rolled the design on the stamp onto my nail. It was so easy!

To make the design on my blue nails even more patriotic, I used a thin brush to pipe red lines onto the tips of my nails, and then piped a shimmery silver color in between the empty spaces. I finished off each nail artwork with a clear top coat.

The possibilities are endless when using nail stencils to create a variety of styles this summer. So have fun and get creative!

Guest Post and photography submitted by Jolevette.

It’s Time for Makeup Spring Cleaning


Winter doesn’t last forever (thank goodness!), and neither does your makeup. At the beginning of spring, a lot of people begin to channel their inner Martha Stewart and perform housekeeping chores. It’s important to remember that you also have to do spring cleaning when it comes to your makeup, because all cosmetics eventually expire. Here are some commonly accepted guidelines that you should follow; however,if any product you are using changes color, develops a smell, grows mold, becomes runny, or changes consistency before these time frames, throw it out.

Mascara – 3-6 months

The chances of you going blind from using mascara that’s almost two years old is very slim, but your eyes are too important for you to risk a nasty eye infection because there’s just a little bit left in the tube. To prevent your mascara from drying out, don’t pump the wand in and out; instead wiggle it from side to side as you pull it out.

Eyeliner/Lip Liner – 3 years

If you sharpen your pencils regularly, they can last up to three years.

Eye shadow/Blush – 2 years

A good quality powder can last up to two years; cream based eye shadows and blushes should be tossed after one year.

Foundation – 1 year

Cream and liquid foundation can last up to a year. If you use a water-based foundation, you can add toner and shake it to extend its lifespan. Oil-based foundations can last up to eighteen months. Powder foundations can last up to two years.

Lipstick/Gloss – 18 months

If you sanitize your lipstick by wiping it regularly with a tissue and a few drops of alcohol, it can stay fresh for over a year.  Also, if you store it in the refrigerator, it will last longer.

Nail polish -1-2 years

I am guilty of keeping nail polishes that are at least 4-5 years old. Always store your nail polishes in a cool, dry place. If the color in the bottle no longer blends properly, and you can’t hear the metal beads mixing the polish, it’s time to part ways with it.


*Always smell your products when you first open it, so that you will recognize when the smell changes.

*The day you open a new product, write the date on it.

*Avoid double-dipping your sponges to prevent contamination. Spread foundation on the back of your hand and collect the product with your sponge from there.

*Make sure your hands are always cleaned before using your fingers to apply any product.

*Have a ton of unused makeup products? Learn how you can donate them here»

Bottom Line- When in doubt; throw it out.