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New Product Must-Have: MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Pressed Powder



So we’ve all been there: after applying flawless makeup you go to set everything with finishing power and you are left with a powdery mess all over your face that settles into fine lines and looks unnatural. MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new HD Pressed Powder eliminates the possibility of ruining your makeup with cakey residue with a mess-free, lightweight finishing powder that goes on virtually invisible and sets makeup without leaving behind any trace of color.

What is does:
A combination of hyaluronic acid, synthetic mica, silicone powders and silica, the powder aims to instantly blur the appearance of fine lines, large pores, shine and other skin imperfections.

How it feels:
It’s silky and lightweight.

Why I like it:
No matter how many time a day I use oil blotting sheets, my oily skin just doesn’t behave, so I’ve been apply this transparent powder throughout the day to keep shine away. No matter how often I reapply it, the product never builds up, blends seamlessly, and instantly matifies my skin for a naturally flawless and airbrushed look. I can use it over foundation to create a luminous finish or by itself for a smooth out imperfections.

Because the product is pressed it’s easy to carry around in your purse, without having to worry about tit spilling inside your bag. It also comes with a handy mirror, making quick touch ups a breeze.

A little bit goes a long way. It helps to use the right kind of brush such as MAKE UP FOR EVER’s #124 Medium Kabuki Brush.

$36 (available exclusively at Sephora)

Discover Radiant Orchid with SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE


COY_skubanner_DR1v3_03What: Unleash your inner radiance with the SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Color of the Year Collection in Radiant Orchid. Be among the first to experience Radiant Orchid’s deeply flattering flush and ravishing glow:

- Reveal your radiance: Receive a custom Radiant Orchid makeover for eyes, lips, and cheeks from our expert artistry team

- Get creative: Learn personalized tricks and techniques to incorporate the exclusive, limited-edition Color of the Year Collection into your look

- Get educated: Take home a complimentary look book with a professional step by step guide to master exhilarating new looks at home*

- Beauty Insiders Get Rewarded: Leave with an official SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Pouch—free with your personalized Color of the Year consultation and any $25 purchase.**

When: Friday, March 14th to Sunday, March 16th/ 12pm – 6pm


*While supplies last.

**Sign up for a complimentary Beauty Insider account at your local Sephora or by logging on to

Appointments preferred. Walk-ins welcome.

New Ciaté Holiday Gift Sets In Stores Now


This holiday season trendy nail polish brand Ciaté is offering unique collections, sure to please the nail polish aficionado in your life.

Tree Trinkets

You can adorn your nails with festive polishes, but now, your Christmas tree? That’s right! Ciaté limited edition Tree Trinkets feature 6 glittering shades that come enclosed within a crystal clear bauble, complete with gift tags and a signature black satin bow for hanging. The baubles come as a set of 6, so you can give the full box to someone, or gift 6 individuals with the trinkets. Shades include: Candy Cane, All Aglow, Yule Rules, Blizzard, Naughty or Nice and Glitterball.

Ciaté Tree Trinkets™are vailable now for $30 each.

Mini Mani Month

Last year Ciaté’s Mini Mani Month took Sephora by storm and was the brand’s fastest selling holiday product. This year the limited edition set is back. Mini Mani Month features a countdown calendar of 24 nail art minis (17 creme shades and 7 textured manicure toppers). Once the date is removed, specially curated mini Paint Pots, glitter sprinkles, bespoke sequin blends, exclusive caviar pearls, and salon quality treatments are reveled behind the beautifully designed packaging.

Ciaté’s Mini Mani Month, exclusive to Sephora, is available now for $58.00.

Nailene Gel Review


Post by Jolevette


Gel polish has become a must-have beauty item. With long-wearing staying power, a variety of colors, and the ability to do it yourself at home,  it’s hard to resist the allure of this perfect manicure. This week, I am reviewing the Nailene Gel Kit with the French manicure.

NOTE: Please follow the instructions in the kit properly. Too much primer and gel base will cause the gel not to form properly on your nail and hold.

Step 1 – Clean and buff your nail; a self-manicure essentially. I do this with my mini-manicure kit that I purchased at Sephora for $5.00.

Step 2 – Use the gel primer. Do not over use as a little bit goes along way. To avoid putting too much on, dab the brush against the inside of the bottle.

Step 3 – Time to start cooking! Place your hands in the provided LED lamp for 2 minutes. Do thumbs last.

Step 4 – Next, the gel base coat. Again, place a thin layer on your nail and place your hands under the LED lamp for another 2 minutes.


At this point, you should be able to see your nail start to shine. Feel free to touch the nail. It should be glossy and smooth.

Step 5 – As in Step 4, brush on the gel polish of choice. For me, it was the French Pink. Place hands under LED lamp.

Step 6 – Apply second coat and replace hands under lamp for 2 minutes.

By now, this might be redundant to place your hands in and out of the LED lamp so many times, but this is order for the gel to set and give you that shiny gel perfection.

Step 7 – Last time! Please the gel top coat and get back under the LED lamp for your final 2 minutes of baking.

Step 8 – Using some rubbing alcohol or the one provided, take a cotton ball or a napkin and gently rub your nail. This removes any excess coating and creates that shine. This also ensures that the gel has set properly. If you find the gel still wet, go back under the LED lamp for two more minutes.

Now,  I have given instructions for the normal color. I am going to add the extra steps for the French.

The French kit comes with separate tips that must be applied after the gel has set. If you are doing French, DO NOT follow Step 6. Go right into applying the white tips. The tips are rather sticky; you must be very careful when using them….they stick to anything! They stuck to the table that I was working on and they are very hard to remove. So, be sure you have paper towels or a newspaper under our hands when working. It was very difficult to select the right size tip for my nail which caused me to have to trim and take extra time to get the French just right. After you have selected your tips and they are on (hopefully you didn’t create a sticky mess like me!) you can apply the top coat.



Overall, this is a great product when using a solid color. I would re-think the French kit. The tips should not be so sticky or add a small bottle of white polish so that the user can pick their own size and have less stickiness to worry about.


Introducing Isaac Mizrahi Loves Tweezerman



Tweezerman, the beauty tools experts, have teamed up with famed designer and Project Runway All-Stars judge Isaac Mizrahi for its 2013 Limited Edition Designer Series Collection, an annual collaboration which has included former partnerships with designer powerhouses Agatha Ruiz De le Prada, Betsy Johnson, Cynthia Rowley, and Harajuku Lovers.

Mizrahi, who is notorious for his colorful and irreverent fashion creations called the collaboration a “no-brainer.”

“Tweezerman is a great, reliable, global brand, and my brand is similarly positioned,” he said at last week’s launch event held at Sephora Times Square. “Why wouldn’t I want to work with them?”

Dr. Conny Wittke, CEO and President of Tweezerman International echoed the sentiment. “Mizrahi, a designer well known for demystifying style for women, perfectly embodies Tweezerman’s philosophy of translating the runway to real life for our customers so they can get their perfect look,” she said. “Mizrahi’s designs can’t help but inspire women with the same excitement that the quality of our tools wows them with again and again,”

The new collection, Isaac Mizrahi Loves Tweezerman, features two special edition patterns, Splatter Paint and Candy Buttons, on Tweezerman’s full-sized and mini slant tweezers ($25 and $15 each, respectively).

“I really wanted to create an iconic pair of tweezers that isn’t just fun, but something that really stands out,” he said. “You won’t have a hard time finding splatter paint or polka dot tweezers in your purse!”

In addition to the tweezers, Tweezerman’s Filemate Nail File ($5) has also undergone a Mizrahi makeover, and features the limited edition Candy Buttons pattern.

“The bold patterns are fun and uplifting, and I think the items in the collection may relieve strife,” he said reflectively. “If someone is drawn to it, and if it makes them smile, that’s a bonus.”

The five-piece limited edition collection became available exclusively at Sephora and in September 2013.

MAKE UP FOR EVER To Host Free Foundation Lessons Nationwide


FNC-Poster_18x24_lowresOne major topic I’ve talked about on this blog has been my quest to find the perfect foundation shade.

Let’s recap shall we?

Makeup Felony: Mismatched Foundation

Social Etiquette: Do you tell someone they are wearing the wrong foundation shade?

Perfectly Matched: Custom Blended Foundation

In search of “The One” – Sephora + Pantone Color IQ Review

I literally once has a makeup artist say to me, “You have that ‘special’ kind of skin tone, no one has quite perfected yet.”

So, I was excited to learn that MAKE UP FOR EVER commissioned a study from The NPD Group to find out why so many women have a hard time finding the right foundation shade.

Here are some key findings from the survey:

  • 73% of women say finding the right foundation is challenging (with over 500 foundation products on the market it’s not surprising women are overwhelmed!)
  • 72% of women DO NOT change their foundation seasonally (even though skin shade can change up to 4-5 times a year)
  • 62% of women had difficulty applying foundation
  • 54% of women say finding the right shade is the most difficult

In order to help women solve their foundation challenges, MAKE UP FOR EVER will be hosting more than 100 FREE Foundation Nation events at SEPHORA stores and MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutiques in the U.S. and Canada from September 20th – October 5th. During free 15-minute one-on-one sessions, attendees will have their biggest foundation issues addressed, get perfectly matched with the correct shade, and taught proper application techniques. Makeup artists will do one half of the client’s face, and then have the client do the other half so that they can learn how to do it on their own – a teaching technique currently taught in the brand’s makeup schools across the county.

For full event listings and details click here.




The Wait is Over: MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Arrives at SEPHORA 

Break the rules. Push the boundaries. Create your own style. Sephora invites you to indulge in the iconic designer’s debut cosmetics line: Marc Jacobs Beauty. Head to the Sephora Beauty Studio to be one of the first to see this assortment of 16 innovative complexion and color cosmetics, and four chic and luxurious makeup brushes and experiment with provocative colors. Receive one of the exclusive Marc Jacobs Beauty looks from a Sephora makeup artist and take home a limited-edition Marc Jacobs Beauty collectable Look Book after your makeover.*

*While supplies last.

WHEN: Thursday, September 5th to Wednesday, October 9th


 Please visit for your nearest event location and time.



Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by SEPHORA

This month, Sephora released its Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection, an assortment of beauty products including color cosmetics, a signature fragrance, nail polish and princess-worthy accessories inspired by Ariel from the classic Disney animated film, The Little Mermaid.

The collection includes:

Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette ($30)
The eye shadow features four vibrant shades, including What’s-It (matte clay grey) and three glittery shades: Who’s-It (glittering white), Dinglehopper (iridescent light teal), and Snarfblat (violet with iridescent glitter).

Mermaid Song Lipgloss Set ($38)
The set features four pigmented, glistening glosses with flirty shades inspired by Ursula’s earrings, Ariel’s pink dress and iconic red hair, and her sisters’ darling shells: Dream Girl (perky pink), Sea Witch (bold berry), Redhead (rich red), Mermaid (courageous coral).

Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum
Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum is an invigorating new fragrance inspired by the magical moment of true love’s first kiss. Available in a Eau de Parfum Spray, 50 mL ($58), and a Roll On Eau de Parfum ($19), this captivating scent opens with a refreshing burst of bergamot, wet cucumber, and ozonic accord that is brought to life with a splash of water notes, wild lilac and starfruit, all fused together with warm sandalwood and sensual velvet sensations of ambergris to make the moment last forever.

Set the Mood Compact Mirror ($20)
Bat your eyes and pucker your lips with this beautifully designed deep-sea treasure.

Whatcha-Nail-Callit 6 Piece Nail Set
A six-piece set of miniature nail lacquers featuring sea-inspired shades: Life Is In The Bubbles (iridescent glittery shimmer), Ariel (glittery turquoise), Off The Hook (pearly silver chrome), Devotin’ to Floatin’ (pearlescent teal), We Are In Luck Here (creamy coral red), and Hotter Under the Water (creamy plum)

The Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by SEPHORA will be available for a limited time beginning in July 2013 in all SEPHORA stores, as well as by calling 1-877-SEPHORA or logging on to via computer or smartphone.

Tweezerman’s Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints Collection



While it may not be possible for everyone to experience fashion week in-person, Tweezerman has made it possible to carry around the trendy prints seen on the runway with stylish must-have accessories for any make up bag with its Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints Collection.  Available exclusively at Sephora, the collection includes:

Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints Unbreakable Mirrors: $15.00 each – The perfect size for travel, the vibrant chvron print pattern comes in two color choices of Pink and Blue.

Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints Filemates: $5.00  - This nail file features 100/180 grit to file down and shape any type of nail, and comes with a snap close case so it’s always clean and protected.

Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints SoleMates Foot File & Smoother:  $22.00 – A two-in-one product, the stainless steel Micro-File aims to remove dead skin and calluses, while the Finishing File makes skin touchably soft.

Find them at Sephora»

EVENT ALERT: Experience A Skincare Revolution With SEPHORA SKINCARE iQ

Experience A Skincare Revolution With SEPHORA SKINCARE iQ


WHAT: Discover Skincare iQ—Sephora’s breakthrough new skincare technology that will help you find the products best suited for your skin. Let Sephora experts tap into our genius tool to access custom skincare solutions and then complete the experience with complimentary skincare services. Take home a deluxe sample with any skincare Express Service from face masks, peels, eye treatments, and BB or CC cream applications!*

WHERE: All Sephora locations. Visit to find a store near you.

Friday, July 12th to Sunday, July 14th    
Friday, July 26th to Sunday, July 28th
Friday, August 2nd to Sunday, August 4th

WHAT TIME: All events listed are from 12pm-6pm

*While supplies last. No purchase necessary.
Space is limited. Walk-ins welcome. Appointments preferred.
Not all brands will be at all locations on all days. Please call your local store for details.

Review: SEPHORA COLLECTION Microsmooth Foundation Face Powder

Sephora Powder Foundation
When the weather starts to get warm, I immediately switch from my traditional liquid foundation to a powder for an ultra-light undetectable makeup look. This summer, I have found my new powder foundation with Sephora’s Microsmooth Foundation Face Primer. According the Sephora’s website, the foundation is “slowly baked to achieve a unique airy texture that perfectly melts into the skin.” The foundation is very light and covers very similar to a tinted moisturizer; however, multiple layers of application will give you full coverage. I like to use a wide fluff brush to apply it since I prefer a light application, and it offers a more even coverage than using a sponge. The only thing I don’t like about this product is that it doesn’t include a mirror, so it’s not the best choice to carry out with you for on-the-go touchups. Thankfully, the coverage lasts most of the day, so the need for reapplying is minimal.

Cost: $22

Where to Buy: Sephora or


Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2013


Sephora Favorites Bottled Dreams: Fragrance Impressions Sampler for Her – $50


This collection features six deluxe samples of Sephora’s most popular women’s scents, plus a full-size Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in What Aura Gonna Wear?. Your mom can choose her favorite scent, then take the enclosed certificate to any Sephora store in the U.S. to redeem it for a free full-size bottle of the fragrance of her choice (the voucher cannot be redeemed online).

The set includes:
- 0.25 oz BALENCIAGA Florabotanica
- 0.22 oz Coach Love
- 0.16 oz Gucci Guilty
- 0.17 oz Juicy Couture Couture La La
- 0.14 oz Lancôme La vie est belle
- Bonus 0.5 oz Sephora By OPI Nail Colour in What Aura Gonna Wear?

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Facial In-a-Box – $39.99

Give mom the ultimate pampering with a relaxing, anti-aging facial she can do in the comfort of home. Designed by the UK’s #1 day spa, Sanctuary Spa, the professional-grade skin treatment takes just 30 minutes, perfect for the busy mom who doesn’t make time for herself.

Mother’s Day Mirrored Compact, $5.00

nyc and company
Your mom will love one of these stylish mirrored compacts, featuring mom-themed inscriptions.

Mommy to be pendants; $32.15


Give a special gift to an expecting mom. How could this cute pendant not make you smile?

New – Illamasqua’s Paranormal collection

Gleam in Supernatural


On Tuesday, April 23rd, I attended a preview of Illamasqua’s new exciting collection, Paranormal, which features unexpected textures and formulas. US Nail Ambassador and Nail Artist Fleury Rose and Brand Ambassador and Makeup Artist Josh Heald, were on hand to introduce the innovative products set to launch at Sephora and on April 30th.

Never before have I experienced a makeup collection that ignites the physical senses, and provides the opportunity for play and experimentation. Below is a sampling of some of the otherworldly products that will be available.

New Paranormal UV Nail Varnish Ltd Edition $17.00

New Nail Varnishes

3 new nail varnishes (Paranormal Bright Green Ouija; Paranormal Bright Pink and Paranormal Bright Violet Geist) offer a vivid burst of color. When combined with Illamasqua’s new top coat, Paranormal Clear/Glow, the polishes glow under UV Black Light, serving as undercover nail art, invisible to the naked eye until the sun goes down and your nails begin to illuminate.

New Paranormal Palette $46.50

eye pallette

The unique eye shadow palette features four shades: Paranormal: Vivid Cerise Aura and Warm Coppe; Possession:  Cool green Trance and Soft Violet. The texture of the shadows is unusual and surprising – it feels soft and rubbery, similar to play dough. The formula is water-resistant and can be applied to create a soft barely-there look, or layered for a bold pop of color.

New Gleam in Supernatural $26.00

Gleam in Supernatural

This iridescent highlighter is available in one universal shade, Supernatural – Warm Bronze, and is faltering on all skin tones. Lighter skins can use it to fake a golden glow, and darker skin beauties can use it to highlight different areas of the face including under the eye brows and the cupid’s bow.

Learn more about the collection:

Sephora Gives Back – Values Inside Out Program

Beauty retailer Sephora wants to make a difference in a community near you. Through the launch of a new initiative, Values Inside Out, Sephora’s sale associates were given the opportunity to choose a local nonprofit to help by providing funds, volunteering and raising awareness.

According to Mary Herald, Sephora’s Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Education, said, “At Sephora, our vision for Values Inside Out is to inspire and engage our teams to play a part in making a difference in their communities, and to do so in a way that is completely aligned and integrated with our Values. We know that beauty is both inside and out and we know our teams will feel proud of what they accomplish for their communities and even more so where they work.”

The initiative kicked off on March 23rd at Sephora stores across the country. See which nonprofit is being supported by your local Sephora store here.

Event Alert: Discover the Must-Have colors of the Seasons at Sephora


WHO: This Spring, Sephora offers everyone a variety of ways to feel, learn about, wear and love color, encouraging you to ignite your COLOR VISION.

WHAT: Open your eyes to the many ways the hottest colors of the season – Infrared Rouge, Lucid Lilac and Majestic Cobalt – can be incorporated into any look with help from Sephora. Stop into your nearest Sephora location to enjoy complimentary makeovers in these shades from brands like NARS, Laura Mercier, Make Up For Ever, Hourglass, Dior, Smashbox, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Buxom, Givenchy, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Urban Decay and Stila. Learn how to tune in – and stand out – with bold effects for eyes, lips, cheeks and nails this Spring.

WHEN: Every Friday – Sunday from March 29th – April 28th
12pm – 6pm

WHERE: All Sephora locations. For locations nearest you, please visit

WHY: There’s no better way to usher in the new season than with a new, bold look. Sephora COLOR VISION forecasts the must-have colors of the season so you can amplify your beauty look with multi-dimensional tones that bring color to a whole new wavelength.

Event Alert: Celebrate the Color of the Year with SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE


(Photo source:

(Photo source:

When:  Thursday, February 28th – Sunday, March 3rd

What Time: 12pm – 6pm

Where: At select Sephora locations. Check to see if the event is at a Sephora near you. 

What: Celebrate the Color of the Year Embrace the beauty of EMERALD – the 2013 Color of the Year – with the new SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Color of the Year Collection! Get a Color of the Year makeover with Sephora makeup artists and learn how to sparkle like this gemstone-inspired shade with a variety of looks to choose from. Be the first to try the new collection, enjoy a complimentary makeup application, and walk away with a free makeup bag with purchase of any color cosmetic.* *While supplies last. **Walk-ins welcome, appointments preferred, no purchase necessary.

Illamasqua Limited Edition Speckled Nail Varnish


A few weeks ago, I was introduced to Illamasqua’s limited edition Speckled Nail Varnish. The varnish was inspired by irregular markings on fragile bird eggs, and allows you to create professional multi-dimensional nail art with just a few swipes.

Price: $16

Where to buy:, Sephora stores and Sephora at JCPenny stores. The Freckle shade is available exclusively at JCPenny.

What I like: The creamy consistency of the polish glides on smoothly and is virtually mistake-proof. It only took one coat for me to achieve a high-fashion nail look. The color lasted about 3 days before one nail started to chip; but after a quick touch-up, my nails were back to looking fabulous.

The effect: Pastel and Neutral base colors are contrasted with black speckles of different sizes. Depending on how many coats you apply, some of the speckles appear more defined, as other seem muted behind the color, creating a multi-dimensional pattern.

I tested Speckled Nail Varnish in Scarce, a pastel pink with black speckles.

I tested Speckled Nail Varnish in Scarce, a pastel pink with black speckles.

The limited editon colors are available in Freckle (brown), Scarce (pink), Mottle (green), Speckle (purple) and Fragile (blue).

The limited editon colors are available in Freckle (brown), Scarce (pink), Mottle (green), Speckle (purple) and Fragile (blue).

Discourse: I received this product for free at a press event


FTC Disclosure: These products were provided by a pr firm for review.

What is it?: MAKE UP FOREVER Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation

Price: $36.00 at

Make Up Forever Pro Finish - This product was provided by the company for review

Pro Finish in #127 Golden Sand

What it does: This high-performance, versatile foundation creates a flawless complexion, and lets you customize your foundation result.

The Formula: An innovative formula that can be applied wet for a sheer, satin finish or dry for a full, matte finish.

The Effect: Take a look at the pictures below. The foundation evens out skin texture, covers imperfections and has a suprising natural finish.

What I like? A sleek compact makes carrying this foundation a no-mess solution for on-the-go touch-ups. During the day, I prefer a barely-there look, but at night I like heavier coverage, so it’s a great foundation to take you from day-to-night, without getting cakey in between applications.


MAKE UP FOR EVER dry application technique

MAKEUP FOREVER Pro Finish application wet.

MAKE UP FOREVER Pro Finish wet application technique. I like the wet application the best because it lets my skin show through and doesn’t look like I have on any makeup at all.

Bottom line: A 2013 beauty bag must-have for a perfect complexion.

Disney Reigning Beauties Cinderella Collection by SEPHORA

Midnight Hour Eyeshadow Palette ($30)

At some point in their life every little girl dreams about being a Disney princess. The beautiful castle, handsome prince charming and happily ever after, is all too enchanting to not believe all the magic will happen in the future. Then, you grow up, reality sets in, and you realize life is not a big fairytale; yet, you can still always dream. And, what better way to channel your childhood princess memories than by using makeup? SEPHORA and Disney Consumer Products have teamed up to create a series of beauty collections focused on the individual style, personality and story of a featured Disney Princess. This fall, they have chosen to focus on Cinderella with a collection of color cosmetics, fragrances and accessories inspired by the 1950 Disney classic animated film “Cinderella.” With names like Midnight Hour and Moonlit Kiss, the colors in the makeup palette evoke the wintry feel of the movie, while being whimsical and dreamy. A few of the products are shown below. This collection is limited. Collect them all before the clock strikes midnight!

Midnight Hour Eyeshadow Palette ($30). Shades include: Gray (grey pearl inspired by Cinderella’s hair ribbon at the ball), White (pearl shimmer inspired by Cinderella’s white gloves at the ball), Champagne (champagne nude inspired by Cinderella’s skin in the moonlight), and Sparkles (charcoal shimmer glitter inspired by the nighttime sky at the ball).

Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set ($25) Shades include: Lady Tremaine (berry inspired by Lady Tremaine’s dress), Pumpkin (light pastel peach inspired by Cinderella’s dress when the fairy godmother is changing the pumpkin to her coach), Who Is She (warm rosy mauve inspired by Cinderella’s lips when in her work dress), My Moment (pink champagne inspired by Fairy Godmother’s fairy dust).

Sephora by OPI A Brush with Fate Nail Lacquer ($24.50). Shades include: So Totally Enchanted (pearl white), Step Off, Sister! (silver blue glitter), I Blue My Curfew (deep blue shimmer ), Bibbidi-Bobbidi Pink (rose gold shimmer), Self-Maid Millionaire (gold metallic), Rags to Rhinestones (gold glitter).


Limited-edition NARS Andy Warhol Collection Launch


When you see an Andy Warhol painting, there’s no mistaking it. Vivid illustrations scream off his canvases, and are absolutely impossible to miss. This fall, beauty brand NARS created a limited edition collection inspired by the iconic artist’s pop-art . Exclusively available at Sephora, the collection features bright, electric colors for eyes, lips and cheeks. In celebration of the launch of NARS Pop Goes Sephora, various fun events will be held at Sephora stores across the country during the month of October. These events include a private cocktail launch party in Pittsburgh, PA, and the opportunity to meet makeup legend François Nars in NYC. Click here to see the full list of events in your area.

In search of “The One” – Sephora + Pantone Color IQ Review

The exclusive color matching technology launched at Sephora on June 26th.

I’ve always had a difficult time finding a foundation to match my skin tone (read my foundation horror story here).  My mixed ethnic background has produced a shade that’s darker than medium, but lighter than olive. Even when I tan, I still find it hard to find a foundation that matches, which is why I tend to stick to tinted moisturizers. My quest for a perfect match foundation may be drawing to and end with SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ, a new technology that uses a device to scan the surface of the skin and reveal a foundation shade within Sephora that matches the skin precisely.

The exclusive color matching technology launched at Sephora on June 26th.

I practically ran to Sephora in Time Square, giddy with anticipation at the thought of finally meeting “the one.” I dreamt of how it would feel to look in the mirror at my flawless complexion, while holding the smooth surface of a bottle that held my liquid skin. I arrived amongst the bright neon light of Times Square, dashed into the store, and bee-lined for the SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ counter.

A helpful consultant held the Pantone’s CAPSURE™ up to my forehead, cheek and neck, and produced my unique PANTONE® SkinTone™ number. He then punched in the number into a fancy iPad® that houses SEPHORA’s Universal SkinTone Library, which was to reveal all my foundation matches. It took about 30 seconds, and during that wait time he explained that some people had hundreds of matches in a variety of coverage and formulas. We both eagerly leaned in close to the screen as my matches began to appear one by…one? One. Literally. I knew my skin was hard to match, so I wasn’t surprised to see that out of thousands of foundations that are sold by Sephora, only one shade from one brand is my perfect long-awaited skin mate. It turned out to be Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Lasting Foundation with SPF 15 in 410 Bisque W. Unfortunately, this product was out of stock at the Times Square location, so I was not able to test the match. I was able, however, to e-mail myself the foundation so I can order it online.

Unable to be discouraged, the Sephora consultant showed me that the SkinTone Library gives you the option to select shades that are darker or lighter than your natural hue. I chose darker since I tan a lot in the summer, and it produced Sephora Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer Medium 28 Camel SPF 20. This choice matched me very well, so it looks like I’m back to wearing tinted moisturizers - at least until the Lancôme foundation arrives in the mail for testing.

Foundations can be narrowed down by searching by brand, desired coverage, finish, skin type, formulation, ingredients and spf.

*I should note that my sister went into the store the day after me, and her PANTONE® SkinTone™ number produced several different perfect matches, so I think my skin tone really is “special.” They told my sister to ask me to return, since they are constantly updating the system.

** The exclusive SEPHORA foundation service is only available at SEPHORA 5 Times Square in Manhattan and SEPHORA Powell Street in San Francisco.

***The service is free of charge, and no purchase is necessary.

Product Review: Caviar Manicure

final result

Ciaté Caviar Manicure™

I simply adore the hot new caviar nails trend. Adding little beads reminiscent of caviar adds a 3-dimiessional look to your nails, and is able to be chic without making you look like you work for a circus. This week my sister purchased Ciaté Caviar Manicure™. There are three different head-turning color combos to choose from, and she selected the nail polish in Strawberry Milkshake (opaque pale pink) that comes with Caviar Pearls in Rainbow ($25 at

The nail kit comes with easy to follow instructions. Here are the steps:

1.      Apply a base coat.

2.      Paint over the base coat with the Strawberry Milkshake nail color.

3.      While the nail polish is still wet, sprinkle the pearlescent beads on top of the nails (you need to work very quickly, before the polish dries). We found the best way to do this is to pour the beads directly onto the nails from the bottle, with a small tray underneath to catch the excess.

4.      Apply a top coat over the manicure for a long-lasting finish.

What we liked:

  • The charming little bow on the nail polish makes the bottle very attractive and stand out on our beauty table – I think it would make a cute gift.

Nail Polish in Strawberry Milkshake

  • The kit comes with a small funnel, which allowed us to easily pour unused beads back into the bottle.

  • The nails did look professionally done, and my sister received tons of compliments when she went to work the next day.

  • There are a variety of different ways you can war the look. You can cover the entire nail with the beads, just apply to the tips, or come up with your own design.

What we didn’t like:

  • The Strawberry Milkshake polish was as runny as an actual milkshake. It didn’t go on smoothly and has a very loose consistency.
  • As soon as we applied the top-coat, the colors of the beads began to smear.
  • Hours after the manicure, the beads began to fall off. By the end of day 2, it looked like a greedy little kid had picked all the sprinkles off of a cupcake and left behind the evidence of little colored stains.

Overall impression: The base polish seems very cheap and is too watery. I would recommend trying the look with a different polish. I think it’s a great option to use a few hours before going out, when you want to wow everyone with glamorous nails. Just be careful when you wave hello to your friends, a bead might dislodge and land in their eye.

Ready to Go Nude this Summer?


It’s official, nude nails (aka foundation nails), are hot in 2012. Flesh-tone nails were prevalent on the runways of Fall 2012 Fashion Week, but made an even stronger appearance on the runways of Spring 2012. It’s a very easy-to-wear tread, often seen on Kate Middleton, but, as much as I am a fan of this chic nail trend, I have my hesitations. Why? Because the right way to wear this new craze is to choose a color that most resembles your natural skin tone, which, in turn, makes you look like you have plastic doll hands. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Barbie, but I’ve never been a fan of her nails. Something about her corpse-like missing fingernails has always tormented me to the point that I started stealing my mom’s red nail polish to give every doll I owned the manicure they desperately needed. So, the best way to upgrade this trend is to do what Barbie would do (if she had nails) – add some sparkle.

Here’s what I used to get the look:
Konad Image Plate M57
Konad Double Sided Stamp Set
Sephora by OPI Base Coat
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Polish: Duchesse Lace*
Essie Nail polish in Licorice
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Clear
Small rhinestones

*This color has been discontinued. You can use OPI Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh? as an alternative, or your favorite shade of nude nail polish.

Step 1: Begin by using a base coat to smooth out and protect nails.
Step 2: Apply 1-2 layers of nude nail polish and wait for nails to completely dry.
Step 3: With black nail polish, use the Konad Double Sided Stamp Set to imprint the basket weave design located on Konad’s Image Plate M57. The instructions on how to do this come with the kit and are very easy to follow. Basically, you put nail polish directly over the design, and use the scraper to rub of excess nail polish. Then, you roll the stamp over the design, and gently roll the stamp onto your nail. Trust me; it’s a lot easier than it sounds!
Step 4: After the black nail design dries, apply a top coat, which will also serve as your “glue” for the rhinestones. Quickly add the rhinestones individually on each nail.
Step 5: Finish with a coating of nail hardener for a long lasting manicure.

Nude nails are great because they go well with almost every outfit, and you don’t have to go see a professional manicurist if you want to update the look from bland to glam. All you need is a little bit of creativity and the right tools, and your nails will look amazing.

Floral Arrangements for your Nails


Sephora by OPI in Natural Environ-mint.

For my vacation, my sister decided send me off in style – with fabulous nails. Since I’m going to a tropical island, I wanted a light color that reminded me of the sky or the ocean, so we chose Sephora by OPI in Natural Environ-mint. This was the same color we used when we re-created the Sephora by OPI Cherry Blossom Nail Design a few months ago. Click here to read that post.

In addition to a tropical color, I also wanted flowers, so we used the Konad Image Plate M3 along with the Konad Stamping Nail Art kit to create a floral pattern. Here are the steps to get the look.

1. Apply a base coat. We used Sephora by OPI base coat nail polish.

2. Apply the nail color. Test out any color you like. Coral is this season’s hottest new color, so you can give that a  try is you’re not crazy about the blue.

3. Use the Konad Stamping Nail Art kit along with the plate m3. The kit comes with instructions on how to use it. But, basically all you do is apply nail polish to the design, scrape of the excess, use the rubber stamp to pick up the design, and stamp it onto your nail.

After following Step 3, this is what your nails should look like.

4.Apply a top coat over the design for extra staying power. We used Konad’s Top Coat.

5. Just for a little extra jazz (i love anything that blings), we added silver nail polish in the center of each flower. We used Kiss Brush-on Nail Art in SPA10.

5. We finished it off with Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails hardener, which can also be worn alone to protect nails from breakage.