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Ashley Judd and Anthony Mackie Announce Kiehl’s Partnership

Photo credit: Alexandra Wyman for Invision


Actors Ashley Judd and Anthony Mackie have teamed up with Kiehl’s Since 1851 to design a Limited Edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque series in honor of Earth Day. Made with fairly-traded Amazonian White Clay from the Marajo Island, the mask aims to detoxify skin and minimize the appearance of pores. The design of the packaging features Earth-inspired images, and depicts Judd’s and Mackie’s vision of social responsibility.

100% of net profits up to $50,000 from the campaign will benefit Recycle Across America™, a nonprofit that will use the funds to create 65,000 standardized recycling labels to offer to select K-12 schools in the United States.

“We started working with Recycle Across America in 2012 and have continued with them since,” said Chris Salgardo, President, Kiehl’s USA. “Their mission to introduce solutions that make recycling more simple, comprehensive and effective in the United States is perfectly aligned with our Recycle & Be Rewarded program.”

The mask retails for about $23.00 for 5.0 fl. Oz. / 45g.

 Photo credit: Alexandra Wyman for Invision

Photo credit: Alexandra Wyman for Invision


Smoothie of the Month: Get Glowing Skin with Guava

guava smoothie

guava smoothie

March is National Nutrition Month, and what better way to observe the occasion than by finding a way to use nutrition to beautify our skin. That’s why I’m pleased to announce a new feature on the blog: “Smoothie of the Month,” where I’ll feature smoothie recipes that are not only good for you on the inside, but will allow your outside to be beautified as well.

This month’s smoothie was inspired by the tropical fruit guava. Native to Central America, guava contains many nutrients which are good for the skin including vitamins A, B, C, lycopene and potassium, all of which reduce the impact of aging and keeps the skin radiant.

Since the delicious fruit is hard to find in-stores, for this recipe, I used half a bag of GOYA® Guava Fruit Pulp, l banana and half a can of crushed pineapple and blended the ingredients together in a mixer. The result was a yummy sweet concoction filled with healthy fruits, no added sugars and many skin benefits. Let me know if you give this smoothie a try. I’d love to hear what you think!

Dessert For Your Face: Lush’s Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

The mask must be kept in the fridge

The mask must be kept in the fridge

During Fashion Week I attended Style Studio where I received a sample of a Fresh Face Mask from Lush in Cupcake, a decadent chocolate at-home facial.

What’s in it: The face mask includes coco powder to calm redness, Rhassoul mud to deeply cleanse, and balancing spearmint and sandalwood oils to soften skin.

Lush mask in Cupcake

How it smells: It radiates a supper yummy chocolaty, minty heaven scent.

How to use: Apply a generous layer and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Results: The mask must be kept refrigerated, so it felt soothing to apply the cool mask on my skin after a long, stressful day. The product was easy to apply and removed easily when it was time to take it off, without leaving behind any residue. My skin smelt soft and the sweet aroma lingered.

chocolate fasce mask

Price: $6.95 for 2.1oz; in shops only

Tracy Anderson/ Q&A

Fitness Expert Tracy Anderson
Fitness Expert Tracy Anderson

Fitness Expert Tracy Anderson

Professional skincare line Bioelements has partnered with fitness expert Tracy Anderson to bring health and wellness from body to skin and beyond. Anderson has teamed up with Bioelemets because the company features “products that incorporate natural ingredients with the best of science and have a certain quality standard,” she stated in a recent interview. Below are some excerpts from the interview:

  1. You’ve always stressed that food plays an integral part in transforming and maintaining your body – do you think it plays a part in how your skin looks and feels as well? “Yes, absolutely! You are how you eat. You are how you move. You are how you care for yourself. What occurs on your skin is aligned with how you treat your health and what you put on your skin. The routine requires consistency and care just like anything else.”
  2. What other daily habits do you feel contribute to healthy skin? “Drinking water, not eating gluten, circulation which exercise is vital for, positive thoughts, managing stress well.”
  3. You’ve transformed bodies all over the world with your approach to fitness, but are there any tips you’ve picked up from your clients that have contributed to your wellness – skin care or otherwise? “Lean into your own beauty. Stop trying to look like other people. Lines like Bioelements are vast and researched enough so that you can have that valuable custom approach. Lean into that and give the products time to work with you. People are so willing to lose focus if they don’t change the second they put something on their body. The body doesn’t work that way and your beauty can’t shine under a constant state of self-criticism.”
  4. You’ve always stressed that food plays an integral part in transforming and maintaining your body – do you think it plays a part in how your skin looks and feels as well? “Yes, absolutely! You are how you eat. You are how you move. You are how you care for yourself. What occurs on your skin is aligned with how you treat your health and what you put on your skin. The routine requires consistency and care just like anything else.”

Let’s Eat Cake

Buttercream Cupcake
Sugar Scrub, $16.50

Okay, so the tittle may be a little misleading. Cake has tons of calories, so what better way to indulge our sweet tooth than with decant cake-inspired beauty products. Here are some sweet options you can’t eat, but once you inhale the scents, you may end up running to your nearest bakery.

Cupcake Couture Dreamy Pink Frosting, $14.00

Cupcake Couture Dreamy Pink Frosting, $14.00

philosophy Birthday Girl™ Set, $20.00

philosophy Birthday Girl™ Set, $20.00

Tokyo Milk Let Them Eat Cake No. 11 Parfum, $30.00

Tokyo Milk Let Them Eat Cake No. 11 Parfum, $30.00

Buttercream Cupcake Sugar Scrub, $16.50

Buttercream Cupcake
Sugar Scrub, $16.50

Red Velvet Cupcake Lip Balm, $3.50

Red Velvet Cupcake Lip Balm, $3.50





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Alicia Keys Partners With Kiehl’s To Benefit Foundation


kiehlsGrammy Award winning artist Alicia Keys has partnered with Kiehl’s Since 1851 to raise funds for Keep A Child Alive Foundation, the organization the singer cofounded with activist Leigh Blake in 2003. At the end of December Kiehl’s began selling a special edition of their Midnight Recovery Concentrate, a potent skin elixir that aims to work throughout the night to visibility restore the appearance of skin by morning. 100% of the net profits, up to $200,000, of worldwide sales will benefit Keep a Child Alive. Buying one bottle of Midnight Recovery Concentrate helps the foundation provide one month of HIV treatment, medicines, and loving care to a child living with HIV.

Included on the bottle’s design is a call to action message from Keys to, “Join our movement,” in the fight against AIDS. A 1.0 fl. oz. bottle retails for $46.00 and is available online and in-stores now.

Launching This March: The EE Cream



Just when you thought the beauty industry was finished creating alphabet products PreviseCare, a preventative skin care company, is launching an EE cream. What is an EE cream? Well, unlike its other double letter predecessors, it doesn’t mask flaws; instead, it’s a botanical-based mousse that is added to your regular cleanser for “Extra Exfoliating” (EE). Called EE MarineGranules, it contains oatmeal, jojoba beads, marine algae extract and bamboo stem powder, and is hoping to take the exfoliation market  by storm with $1 million projected in sales for its first year. The product will retail for $40 and will become available in March.

B. Kamins BB Cream Review

untitledFor the last few months I have been using B. Kamins BB Cream, an 8-in-1 cream packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins and peptides. Designed to match all skin tones, the lightly tinted beauty balm, just does that. I’ve stayed away from most bbs (and even cc) because although the idea of having a multitasking product is very appealing, it is hard to find one that matches perfectly against my olive skin tone. At first glance, the color looked too light, but the transparent colour-correcting formula blends in seamlessly, and is virtually undetectable. It offers a nice light-weight coverage that blurs imperfections and makes the pores on my face look less visible. During the summer, I’ve worn it alone with a dusting of pressed powder; but, for the days, when I’ve need a little bit more coverage, I’ve used it as a primer under my foundation.

What it is:
A lightweight, non-greasy tinted beauty balm featuring a powerful combination of ingredients to moisturize and correct skin, while firming and brightening.

What it does:
• Provides sheer, luminous coverage and revitalizes the appearance of dull skin
• Combination of hexapeptide and hyaluronic acid targets sagging and smooth wrinkles
• Antioxidants of Vitiman C and green tea extract helps fight free radicals and brighten skin
• Powerful Bio-Maple Compound acts a s a moisturizing agent and contains AHAs and anti-oxidants to hydrate and brighten the face

$49 for a 50ml pump at

The color of the bb cream matches all skin tones.

The color of the bb cream matches all skin tones.

Product Review: Lumene Vitamin C+ Pure Radiance Beauty Drops

Vitamin C + Age Defying Radiant Beauty Drops

FTC Disclosure: I received this product for free in a gift bag at a blogger conference.

Who is it for? All skin types can use this product, but it is especially useful for anyone with tired, dull skin.

What it does: Arctic lingonberry seed oil works together with vitamin C to brighten skin’s appearance, while Arctic cloudberry seed oil helps strengthens and protect skin from environmental factors. The formula slowly  releases the Vitamin C into the skin, for long-lasting effects.

How to use: For external use only; do not attempt to consume the capsules (even though they look like goldfish crackers).  One beauty drops should be used per day, over the course of 28 days. The capsules twist open easily, and you just have to give it a light squeeze to reveal its silky-smooth, citrus-smelling contents. Apply to a cleansed face and neck before applying moisturizer or sunscreen.

The Result: Although I can’t say my skin looks more radiant than ever before, it does feel smoother and the ritual alone makes me want to continue to use the product. Since its summer, it has actually replaced my night moisturizer since it makes my skin feel smooth and supple.

Bottom line: Treat yourself to this product if you like feeling like you’re  using something luxurious and special.

The Cost: $21.99 at

Lumene capsule

Contents inside the Vitamin C + Age Defying Radiant Beauty Drops

Product Review: La Mav Organic Skin Care

la mav products

la mav products

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been testing La Mav, a luxury, certified organic and ant-aging skin care brand formulated with BIO-ACTVE ingredients that work with the skin to provide visible ant-aging results. I received an array of products and directions for a simple daily beauty routine customized to work well with skin type. All of the products smell amazing and are beautifully designed. Here are my top 3 favorites:

Pore Refining Toner

Designed to refine the appearance of pores and help maintain the natural PH balance in the skin, this toner comes in the form of an easy-to-use spray mist. It felt cool and refreshing to spritz on the toner, which is a great product to use during the hot summer months to revitalize the skin throughout the day.

LaMav Toner

Pore Refining Toner, $29.99

Vit-C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar

At first, it felt counterintuitive to use the repair nectar on my acne-prone skin, because the product is quite oily; however, once it absorbed into my skin, my face was glowing. The nectar is formulated with Vitamin C and Rosehip Oil to promote lighter, evenly toned skin while sleeping. I adore the design of the bottle, which comes with a dropper to measure out the right amount, so none of this precious product is overused or wasted.

Vit-C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar

Vit-C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar, $69.95

Daily Vitamin-C Brightening Serum

Formulated to improve skin’s clarity, even skin tone, and diminish dark spots, the brightening serum boots skin’s radiance, strengthens collagen, and reduces hyperpigmentation. My skin looked luminous after applying the product, which absorbed nicely, without leaving behind any residue.

Daily Vitamin-C Brightening Serum

Daily Vitamin-C Brightening Serum, $79.99

Learn more about La Mav, which is now available for sale on (U.S. only).

Big, Floppy Hats for Summer – 2013 Edition

Floppy Summer Hat, $38

Summer is almost here, and you know what that means? You need a wide-brimmed hat to keep yours kin protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Because I care about your skin, I’ve searched far and wide (at least on the internet) to find you my top picks for the most sun proof hats that will keep you fashionable while offering a large circumference of protection.  Behold:

Floppy Summer Hat, $38

American Apparel Floppy Summer Hat, $38

'Angelina' Striped Sun Hat, $38.00

‘Angelina’ Striped Sun Hat, $38.00

Juicy Couture Wide Brim Straw Sequined Sun Hat, $39.99

Juicy Couture Wide Brim Straw Sequined Sun Hat, $39.99

Jessica Simpson Ombre Floppy, $42.99

Jessica Simpson Ombre Floppy, $42.99

J Crew Summer straw hat, $34.00

J Crew Summer straw hat, $34.00

Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum Review

FTC Disclosure: I received this product for review.


For the last month, I have been testing Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum, an all-natural product that helps to regrow lashes and eyebrows within 6-8 weeks. The serum is very similar to other products out on the market now; however, it doesn’t require a prescription and is a lot more affordable.

What I like: It comes in a small, easy-to-to use tube with a precise applicator that makes it easy to target specific areas. Just one tube, provides enough product to last 6-8 months, which makes it a great, cost-effective investment. It only took a few seconds to apply, so it wasn’t an arduous added step to my morning and evening skin care rituals. There is also no harsh scent, and it doesn’t take too long to dry. Since I suffer from eczema, I was slightly concerned how my skin would react, but I didn’t notice ay side effects while using the serum.

My results: Because my eyelashes are already dangerously long, I opted to test the product on my eyebrows, which are quite sparse. For full results, it is recommended to use the product consistently for 16 weeks. I used the product for about 6 weeks, and below are my results.


On the left – before using Fysiko; On the right – 6 weeks after using the serum

I was skeptical about the product, and didn’t even really notice the difference myself until I saw my own before and after pictures. The hairs on my eyebrow appear darker and they were elongated, which gives the appearance of fuller brows.

Final thoughts: My eyebrows still don’t rival Brook Sheilds’, but the product does deliver, so if you would like fuller lashes or brows, it’s worth a try.

Cost: $139.00 for an 8ml tube

Where to buy:

The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin Q&A with Author Dana Ramos

index~~element44If you are like me, you have spent a ton of money and time trying out every product that claims to be the latest and greatest new thing out on the market that will make you have beautiful, more youthful skin. In The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin, author Dana Ramos claims that many products on the market are not only costly, but useless. According to Dana, by following a simple “boot camp” skincare regimen consisting of several glycolic peels, you can transform your skin from dull to vibrant in as little as six weeks.

Anxious to read the secret to skin perfection I sat down with the glossy pink-and-green, army camouflage patterned book, and finished reading it in under an hour (FTC Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review). The book is an easy read and written in a witty-tone, with the author handing out advice to you as if you are one of her best girlfriends.

“…there are some great books written by doctors which go into all the medical terms like dermis, epidermis and subcutaneous,” reads page 21.The point of this book is to cut to the chase and give you basic cold, hard facts and info you need to get your skin looking terrific in a few weeks. This is boot camp, baby!”

In addition to providing skin regimen tips, Dana also lists makeup tips, as well how to transform your skin from head to toe. Here is a brief Q&A with Dana, where she answers some pressing questions, and provides some helpful skincare tips that can be used for the upcoming summer months and year-round.

How did you come up with the regimen?

I came up with the Regime after doing what my dermatologist, Dr. David Bank, instructed for years. In fact, he is the technical advisor of the book, and it is the TRUTH about skin care.

Are there any age groups that shouldn’t follow the regimen?

Anyone can follow it, but children should avoid it since their skin is too delicate and undeveloped. Pregnant women should also hold off on following the regimen even though there is very low risk of anything happening at all, it’s not worth taking the chance.

Since you are not a professional dermatologist, which should people trust your advice in the book?

Every single word in my book is approved by one of the most respected dermatologists in the United States:  Dr. David Bank of New York.  He was the technical advisor and wrote the forward. Furthermore, everything in the book is based on exactly what dermatologists suggest and reveal about what REALLY works in skin care, and what is just bull.

What is the most dramatic result someone has received from following the regimen?

I had bad skin and it has gotten better over the years. But one of my most notable clients is Tanning Mom; she healed her skin with The Skin Regime and you can see the results on my website.

Tanning Mom

Tanning Mom-Before & After

What did you hope to achieve in writing the book?

I am passionate about teaching people the TRUTH about beauty products and skin care products.  The beauty industry is full of fraudulent claims, and we waste billions on bogus products.  People need to know the TRUTH which is laid out in the book. In fact, the very first page of the book is a challenge to the entire beauty industry to test against what The Skin Regime preaches. It is a powerful statement, and so far, no one has taken on the challenge.

I also give at least 5 percent of proceeds to worthy non-profit organizations.  I really believe in giving back.

What are the biggest beauty product myths/scams out there on the market?

There are too many beauty myths to list in one answer, and I cover a lot of them in my book.  For instance, the claims that you can get “firming” or “lifting” results in a bottle, or that the stuff in expensive skin care lines can do the things they claim—lies, lies, lies.  They can’t.  There ARE great products out there, and I teach how to recognize the fact from the fiction, and what the REAL pros say–the dermatologists in private practice.  Again, you can read the “challenge” to the industry I give both as my first page in the book, and on my website (See Skin Myths Busted).  I am out to BUST the myths and frauds, period.

What, in your opinion, are the top tips in the book everyone should follow year round?

Top tip, best ever:  use sunscreen.  The sun is the single worst thing for your skin. Smoking is number two on the list. No doctor in the world debates this, it is a FACT.

Another great tip: you can get great results with inexpensive drugstore items like Dove soap and Lubriderm lotion.  Skip the expensive stuff.  Any dermatologist will tell you the same thing.

And finally, you can give yourself exfoliation treatments, similar to what doctors use, safely, at home, and get great skin without having to pay a lot. That is one of the most revolutionary things I teach in the book. It is time for people to know they CAN do these things themselves.

With summer approaching, do you have any advice on how to transition into a new skin routine for the humid weather? 

Use lighter moisturizers and makeup so that your skin can breathe.  Don’t forget to do proper exfoliation. I have fabulous tips on this on my website, and in the book, of course.

What has been the most rewarding part of writing this book?

Hundreds of people have written to me saying that they had given up hope on getting great skin. They couldn’t believe that they had been lied to for so long by expensive beauty products, and now “see the light.”  I love knowing I have helped those people save time and money.  And for those who have severe issues such as severe acne or eczema, I have put them on the right track to get help with some of the newer treatments out there such as the use of light and lasers.

You can read the first 30 pages of the book for free at this link»

Click here to purchase the book on Amazon for just $8!

StriVectin EV- Get Even Dark Circle Corrector Review

FTC Disclosure: This product was provided for review.EV_EYE_CRTN_A_ML_.5OZ_M

Over the years, I have become borderline obsessed with trying to find the best concealer to hide the genetic dark circles that have tormented my face since childhood. I always thought it would be great if a product would emerge on the market that would help fade the dark casts under my eyes, and reduce the tell-tale signs of aging. Alas, such a product has emerged promising to “get even” with dark under eye circles, whether it’s caused by  hereditary factors, aging or thinning skin.

What is it? StriVectin-EV Get Even Dark Circle Corrector - A breakthrough, targeted eye treatment, clinically proven to be effective on all types of dark circles. 90% of women said they saw visibly lighter dark circle in only two weeks after using the product.

What it does: StriVectin-EV’s proprietary NIA-114™ molecule enhances the effectiveness of Vitamin C Actives to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of discoloration under the eyes.

How to apply: Lightly dab (do not rub) around the eye area.

Cost: $59.00

What I like: The luxurious cream provides instant hydration, and blends into the delicate skin around the eyes smoothly. It doesn’t leave behind any residue or tacky feeling, and also acts as a nice primer, making it easier for concealer to blend into the skin without a cakey effect. For an extra special touch, the cream’s light diffusing micas illuminates the eye area with a subtle hint of shimmer, which makes it a great choice for special occasions or for days you choose to go without makeup.

Final Result: My dark circles didn’t completely vanish, but they are noticeably lighter. It also acts as a good de-puffer; as soon as I apply the cream in the morning, my eyes look instantly brighter and refreshed. I do not have any fine lines yet, but I am a huge believer in the concept of prevention, and will continue to use the StriVectin EV- Get Even Dark Circle Corrector daily.

StriVectin-EV™ Get Even Dark Circle Corrector

StriVectin-EV™ Get Even Dark Circle Corrector brightens the skin around the eyes and corrects visible signs of aging.

Social Etiquette: Do you tell someone they are wearing the wrong foundation shade?

All Rights Reserved - Delialicious PicksIf someone was wearing the wrong foundation shade, would you tell them? This is a question I contemplated as a I trekked across the street on a cold November afternoon from my office to a beauty department store for foundation samples. In the winter months, my skin gets very pale and is un-matchable by any foundation out on the market, so while I went to the store on a noble quest to actually find something that would closely match my skin, I also went there to search for something that would look completely wrong. My goal: to see if I left my office looking pale and returned with dark orange skin in under 30 minutes, would anyone say something to me? I wanted to know. Why? Because, would you want someone to say something to you? I’m very curious about social etiquette as it applies to a woman’s beauty blunders. Maybe it’s because I’m a fashion/beauty blogger, and I want to see every woman look their best, but if I see someone wearing the wrong shade of anything, I let them know. Granted, I won’t go as far as to walk up to a random woman in the street to school her on why the shade of pink lipstick she’s wearing makes her look washed out because of her undertones; but, if I interact with someone, I feel that it’s my duty to make them aware of their beauty faux pas. If I don’t say something, then they will continue to wear a strange hue on their face, and everyone will talk about it internally, but never say one word.

The Verdict
I returned with a very orange tinted face and it was apparent that everyone noticed. I figured this out, because when people stopped to talk to me, their eyes circled around my face, but never met my eyes. However, when I walked around outside with my new “face,” I was hit on by more men than usual. So, my conclusion is people won’t say anything if you have the wrong foundation shade on, because they may be afraid of overstepping boundaries or hurting your feelings. Or, maybe sometimes when you do wear a few shades to deep, it actually looks good, and maybe eyes circle your face in amazement at how gorgeous your skin looks.

How to Transition your Skincare Regimen from Warm Weather to Cold


Hilary Lambert is a skin care consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. She also writes a beauty and fashion blog at Her goal is to bring the audience simple ways to wear the latest styles in fashion and make up as well as give advice about skin care that makes it easy to get the best skin of your life. 

Here she talks about how to transition your skincare regimen from warm weather to cold…                                                                                             

It’s that time of year again! Time when the cold fall/ winter weather tends to cause major changes in our skins look and feel. For most of us, cold weather dries out our skin leaving it rough, dry, cracked and red. For others, issues like eczema or acne are heightened by these weather changes. I’m a consultant with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists (the new Anti-Aging line by the doctors who created Proactiv) and here are some suggestions on how to combat the effects of cold weather and improve the overall look and feel of your skin at the same time. I’ve also made some recommendations for the skin care products you need to arm yourself with this fall /winter season to stay looking your best even when the weather isn’t optimal.

We all know that when you look good you feel good so read on…

First and Foremost…

It’s a great time to get rid of the sun damage that you may have done during the summer months and throughout the years. We’re outside all of the time during the summer and there’s only so much protection that sunblock can give us before we start to see the obvious and not so obvious signs of aging that comes from time is the sun. This exposure causes brown spots, dullness, hyper-pigmentation and melisma which are tough to get rid of without a trip to the dermatologists office. The doctors at Rodan & Fields have made it a lot easier to rid yourself of these problems without an expensive trip to the doctor’s office.

To get your young-looking skin back, pre-sun exposure, try the Reverse regimen.

This regimen will actively fade sun-spots and other damage caused by the sun by evening out your skin tone. This system has been clinically proven to be effective by doctor’s studies and by many before and after photos taken by clients.

For example, after 2 months of using the Reverse regimen this client looks 10 years younger. (more…)

Facial Toners: Are they really a skin care must-have?


Toners are one of the least used skin care items primarily because many people are unaware of their benefits. Sadly, toners are heralded as ‘unnecessary’ by many and this is downright false. If you currently aren’t using a toner already, find out why toners are truly a skin care-must have.

1. They are your cleanser’s sidekick
After you’ve cleansed your face, sometimes not every trace of makeup is thoroughly removed. This is where a toner will save the day. It ensures that every bit of dirt, oil and makeup is gone. Moreover, the tap water you’re using to wash your face may contain minerals, harmful elements and chlorine; a toner will help eliminate that from your skin.

2. They restore the pH levels in your skin
One of the unique aspects of toner is that it helps restore a balanced pH level in the skin. For instance, if a bar soap is used, that can disrupt the protective moisture barrier of the skin, rendering a pH level too high and leaving the skin feeling and looking dry. However, a toner will balance the pH in the skin if applied directly after the face is cleansed.

3. They are your serum and moisturizer’s booster
Did you know that toners enhance the efficacy of serums and moisturizers? When skin is damp with a toner and a serum or moisturizer is applied on top of dampened skin, it makes the skin up to 10 times more penetrable, thereby increasing the power of the product. Pretty cool, huh? (more…)

Get Flawless Skin: Beauty Secrets of a Geisha


For centuries, Geisha’s have been looked at as the exemplification of flawless, perfect skin. Underneath the heavy layers of performance makeup, a Geisha’s skin remains baby soft and clear. These women do have a secret to maintaining their highly coveted porcelain skin, and now, TATCHA, a new skin care company is sharing their beauty secrets. TATCHA’s founder Victoria Tsai rediscovered the daily regimens of Geisha’s in a 200-year old manuscript, and used the foundation of their skincare regimen which included precious green teas, Okinawa red algae, rice bran and indigenous extracts, to create a luxurious 4-step skincare routine everyone can do at home.

Intrigued, I tested out the ritual for 4-step Normal + Combination Skin.

Step 1: PURE Camellia One Step Cleansing Oil

At first, this light cleansing oil, made with camellia and rice bran, didn’t feel like it was doing much, but once rinsed, I saw that my makeup had been gently cleaned away.

Step 2: POLISHED Classic Rice Enzyme Powder

The core of this enzyme powder is rice bran, which has long been used in Eastern beauty regimens for brighter, ageless skin. You pour a small amount of the powder into wet hands until it becomes a creamy paste that you massage onto your face. This was my favorite step in the entire routine. I loved the way the lather of the cleanser felt, and could not stop rubbing my face. Once I convinced myself to stop my mini massage and rinse the powder off, my dry skin was polished off and felt baby soft.

Step 3: RADIANT Deep Brightening Serum

After the skin has been prepped, it is ready to receive the benefits of TATCHA’s Deep Brightening Serum, which targets melanin production to even out skin tone and fade imperfections. My skin looked instantly hydrated and more luminous as soon as I applied the light serum, which absorbed very quickly.

Step 4: SUPPLE Moisture Rich Silk Cream

The first time I used the Deep Brightening Serum, I felt my skin was hydrated enough, so I decided to skip the moisturizer. But, now as the temperature is dropping, and my skin is drying out a lot faster, I’ve started using the silk cream, which seals in moisture and protects the skin from environmental elements. It comes with a tiny little gold spoon to use to scoop the product up; this is great because it prevent contamination from fingers. It didn’t feel heavy, and effortlessly melted into my skin.

Other: PETAL FRESH Original Beauty Papers & PETAL FRESH Evening Beauty Papers

I keep the oil blotting papers with me everywhere I go. No matter how many times I powder my face, I can still see the reflection of my forehead against shiny surfaces. The Aburatorigami all-natural leaflets, gently absorbs oil without removing makeup. Plus, they contain gold flakes, which definitely makes you feel a little regal.

TATCHA’s products are available in Barneys New York and online.

NightCare Heel Treatment Kit


Summer is coming to an end, and other than your tan, you will remember the sunny days when you look down at your dry, cracked heels. Footwear such as flip-flops and sandals are great to show off your pedicure, but the constant exposure to sun and dust, as well as lack of support on the heels can lead to moisture loss. Show your feet some love, by repairing the damage with NightCare’s Heel Treatment Kit ($25). The kit includes a Moisturizing Gel Heel Sock lined with Visco-GEL® to provide continuous hydration to your heels as you rest. It also comes with a 2oz tube of Intensive Healing Foot Cream to eliminate dry skin with vitamins A, D & E and urea.

The Intensive Healing Foot Cream is my favorite product in the kit. It goes on smoothly and after just a few days, I instantly felt an improvement in the softness of my feet, so I started using it to moisture my dry, eczema prone hands (I recently shook someone’s hand at an event, and they commented on how velvety soft my hands felt). The treatment kit is also great to use in the winter when the skin often suffers from moisture loss. Try it today. Your feet (and maybe even your hands) will thank you.

Product Review: Ambé Vitamin Veil

ambe veil

It took me a long time to come around to the idea of using a face serum, but ever since I started using Vitamin Veil by Ambé, I’ve become hooked. I first received Vitamin Veil in a gift bag at Nolcha Fashion Week in February, and only recently decided to give it a try. I was skeptical at first, but ever since I started using the highly concentrated, antioxidant serum, my skin has looked brighter, clearer, and supple. It has a light, soothing citrus scent, and the clear liquid absorbs into skin very quickly, without leaving behind a greasy residue.

Vitamin Veil works double duty as a barrier to protect skin from environmental factors, while being an active hydrator. It can be used on all skin types, and is the perfect addition to any anti-aging regimen. It can be bought online for $45.00.

The serum is clear and absorbswithin seconds after being applied.

Giveaway: Skin Authority’s Dramatic Eye Lift


On Monday, I told you about using Skin Authority’s Dramatic Eye Lift ($134.00), a highly concentrated, protein-rich formula that tightens and lifts skin around the eyes. Click here to read my full review on the product. Today, I’m giving readers the chance to win the amazing eye gel (worth $134), which is used by celebrities such as Glee’s Heather Morris.

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Product Review: Skin Authority’s Dramatic Eye Lift


When I was a beauty public relations intern, I asked my boss, who had the epitome of beautiful, wrinkle-free complexion, if I should be using eye cream. Her response was, “If you’re old enough to ask for it, then you’re old enough to use it.” I was also old enough to ask about botox, and I’m sure I didn’t need it at 19, so I never really followed her advice. Later on, as I continued to advance in the beauty industry, I got better advice from another flawless beauty, “The key to ant-aging is prevention, so start early.” So, now as I am a few short years away from (gulp) the big 3-0, when women swear gravity begins to work against them, I have decided it is now time for me to start using an eye cream.

For the last two weeks I have been using Skin Authority’s Dramatic Eye Lift ($134.00), a highly concentrated, protein-rich formula that tightens and lifts skin around the eyes. Infused with essential fatty acids and anti-inflammatory agents, the product also reduces dark circles and promotes healthy skin turnover.

I like the way the gel-like consistency glides onto the delicate skin of the eye area, so there is no need for vigorous rubbing, just light tapping with the ring finger. Since it is highly concentrated, you only need a little bit to gain the benefits – and I mean a little bit. One night I got overzealous in my quest for smooth lines, so I slathered a huge pump of the product around my eyes, and was left with an uncomfortable warm sensation that lasted about a minute, so use sparingly.

Even though the gel is lightweight, it moisturizes really well, and my concealer went on smoothly after it was absorbed.

Glee star Heather Morris named Dramatic Eye Lift as one of her must-have products in Life & Style weekly last year. But, you don’t have to be a star, to give the product a try. Dramatic Eye Lift is available for purchase on Skin Authority’s website here. Also, this week one lucky reader will have the opportunity to win one bottle, so stay tuned!

Get reFRESHed this week at Fresh’s Beauty Cleanse Pop-Up Truck


This week in NYC, take a break from summer’s soaring temperatures, and stop by the Fresh Beauty Cleanse Pop-Up Truck. As an introduction to the Fresh Beauty Cleanse campaign, the truck will be stationed in two different locations (see map below) on July 25th and 26th, giving visitors the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of the company’s new Soy Face Cleanser, while enjoying BluePrint’s signature Spicy Lemonade.

An ultra-chic Fresh tote will also be distributed on the streets near the truck. The tote will be filled with the Soy Face Cleanser, BluePrint Cleanse Spicy Lemonade, and a card for a free mini Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy.

Can’t make it to any of the locations? Then, head on over to Fresh’s Facebook page, where you will have the opportunity to take part in the Fresh Beauty Cleanse by entering a contest for a chance to win $1,000.

Follow Fresh on Twitter for giveaways and prizes @Freshfounder #UltimateCleanse.