Why do you wear makeup? Plus, stars without makeup!

As far as I could remember, I’ve always been obsessed with makeup. I like watching women apply makeup, applying it on myself, and browsing the newest products on the market. I don’t wear tons of makeup, but if I were going out for a night on the town, I would not feel prepared if I did not at least have a little lip gloss and mascara on. I think a lot of women can agree. It’s very rare to go out to a big event, and find a single woman in the room not wearing at least one cosmetic product, whether it’s a tinted lip balm or mascara. So what is it about beauty products that keep women going back for more? Is it because it helps you feel or look more beautiful? Or, maybe it’s a combination of both. I, personally, have always been amazed to see just how much makeup can transform someone’s face. See below for what some of your favorite celebrities look like without their “face” on.

Kim Kardashian is really stunning with or without makeup. She is, however, the perfect example of how concealer is a great secret weapon if you have dark circles. She also uses false lashes to accentuate her exotic eyes.
Jessica Simpson still looks absolutely gorgeous without pounds makeup on. But, it is amazing how a little bit of eye makeup and lip gloss goes a long way…
There is no doubt that Rusell Brand had to sleep on the couch the day he posted this picture of his wife Katy Perry without makeup (left) on Twitter. The unflattering picture was quickly removed after he posted it.
Even Beyonce doesn’t wake up looking flawless. She relies on a team of hair stylists and makeup artists to make sure she looks her best when out in public.