Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara Review

What is it?: Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara

Price: $26.00

What it does: The mascara claims to give lashes a doll-like, wide-eyed voluminous effect. An exclusive FiberShineTM formula sculpts, curls and adds shine to lashes, as it lifts and thickens.

The Formula: The mascara formula is very thick and goopy. It took over 20 swipes to remove the excess product, and even after all that effort, there was still too much on the brush. I wish they designed the bottle better to remove most of the excess as you pull the wand out. It also clumps very easily, which is a pain when you are in a rush.

The Brush: I like the way the wand is designed; its cone-shaped brush makes it easy to get to the hard-to-reach corners and bottom lashes. It’s honestly one of the best mascara brushes I’ve ever used.

The Effect: My eyelashes were definitely lifted, spread-out, and slightly lengthened. But, I didn’t feel like they achieved doll-like proportions, nor did it give my lashes any volume.

My lashes before applying the mascara
My lashes before applying the mascara
My eyelashes after a few coats - you can see how much it clumps.
My eyelashes after a few coats – you can see how much it clumps.

Bottom Line: I’m torn, because it’s a good mascara that does a nice job at thickening and lengthening. However, the effect wasn’t impressive enough for me to want to pay the high cost for the product (I got mine as a free sample from Sephora). For a daytime look, I would use it, but that’s only because I already have it. For dramatic nighttime lashes, I’ll stick to my other brands