HGTV Magazine’s 3rd Annual Blogger Block Party

paintbrushesOn August 22nd, I attended HGTV Magazine’s 3rd Annual Blogger Block Party Event for the first time and the event did not disappoint. The event was dedicated to demoing some of the latest products you can use for your next DIY creation, networking with fellow bloggers and learning about the latest trends and intel from experts such as HGTV Magazine editor in chief Sara Peterson, Emily Henderson, John & Sherry Petersik of Young House Love, Genevieve Gorder, Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte, Cari Cucksey, and Emily Bidwell- Merchandising Manager at Etsy.

The venue felt like a Pinterest craft board with all of the things you need to be inspired and generate ideas. Colorful splashes of paint were seen throughout the venue, whether a door was being sprayed with colorful hues at the Wagner SprayTech booth, or bloggers were painting their miniature #HappiMess clay pots, courtesy of Delta faucets. There was also a DIY paint project that allowed attendees to create psychedelic artwork on cards by pouring paint through a spinning device.



For the DIY fashionistas, Cricut was hand to show guests how to use their Gold Explore Air to customize everything from clothing to handbags. Attendees were invited to customize their very own black tote bags with gold lettering. Below is an image of the tote I customized.


There were some other amazing booths and vendors to see, so I was sad I was only able to dedicate 45 minuets to attend the event. Next year, I’ll definitely free up my day to enjoy the festivities.

Product Review: Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick

imageSo I recently stopped using my old acne clearing products because most products on the market developed to treat acne are filled with harmful chemicals. I’m currently trying a few natural remedies, and during the transition, my skin has been breaking out like crazy. I’ve been avoiding makeup on most days, but when I’m going out too an event, I like to cover my problem areas with this new Vanish Foundation stick by Hourglass Cosmetics. I got it for free along with the matching seamless foundation brush from Infuenster to test out. The coverage is amazing! It feels lightweight, even though it does some heavy-duty concealing. Plus the triangle shape of the stick makes it easy to get on the eye area to precisely cover dark circles. I don’t like to wear foundation all over my face, so I just use it as a spot concealer. Dark spots be gone!

Watch a video I posted on Instagram that shows the product in action so you can see how great it really is.

New York City Museums Strut Their Stuff

Post by Jolevette

It may not be Fashion Week, but museums in New York City are having their own fashion shows on display.

I. The Jewish Museum: Isaac Mizrahi: An Unruly History


“I do everything from a place of love.” This is one of the many quotes from Isaac Mizrahi that has stuck with me since seeing the exhibit devoted to his work at the Jewish Museum this past weekend. From a Yeshiva school in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn to the New York City School for the Performing Arts and the Parsons School for Design, Isaac Mizrahi has chartered his own course and created a truly unique world that combines fashion, art, and performance in all of his collections.

Everything from Mozart to Broadway to the stars of Hollywood has been touched by the genius of Isaac Mizrahi. He has made his mark on the world using vibrant colors, prints, and cuts not only to be worn as clothing, but stand out as works of art, statements, all thoughtful and engaging for both the wearer and the admirer. It is clear from his history and designs on display that there is true love behind every cut and stitch of fabric. Every piece has been carefully thought about and filled with everything this designer has inside his heart. This is the additional touch that makes pieces from his collection extraordinarily special.


Not only does Isaac Mizrahi design for the stage, the rich and famous. He designs for the everyday woman. Such is the tremendous love for his craft, Mizrahi has designed a line of affordable women’s fashions. He has launched brands with Target and hosts Isaac Mizrahi Live! on the QVC network where exclusive and inexpensive pieces can be purchased.

A designer of all, Isaac Mizrahi is a global treasure and a legend to be counted among the stars.

While the exhibit is not longer available for viewing (it closed on August 7th), you can check out a few selections that I took while visiting the display. You can also watch his documentary Unzipped available to rent on Netflix and on Amazon Prime.




II. Metropolitan Museum of Art: Manus x Machina

Couture is defined as the business of designing, making, and selling, fashionable custom-made women’s clothing. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art couture is taken to new heights with the Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology exhibit. Explore designs from some of the major fashion houses around the world including House of Dior and the House of Chanel.

Electric, eccentric, beautiful, and fashionable do not fully describe the fashions on display in this exhibit. They are not just designs; they are works of art. Take a stroll down the Met Museum red carpet and discover for yourself, the magnificence that occurs when modern machines meet the minds of today’s fashion designers. This exhibit is open until August 15, 2015.


For more information see the Metropolitan Museum Web site.

BEAUTY WEEKLY DIGEST: Mood Changing Makeup; Skin like Angela Basset; Tattoo Lips


What’s Your Mood? If you’re a child of the 70s-90s, you probably remember mood rings, which let the world know if you were feeling anxious, excited, nervous, tense, calm, in love and a whole host of emotions. Now, a makeup brand, Sara Hill, wants you to wear these emotions on your face with the launch of a new campaign to celebrate how makeup can help alter your mood. For those of you who don’t want your blush to turn crimson red at the sight of your crush, not to worry. The makeup itself doesn’t actually change color with your mood, the brand is simply bringing awareness to the over 40 colors of eyeshadow it has that can portray a range of emotions from happy to angry. Learn more here.

Look like Angela Basset…OK, not really. Actress Angela Basset is jumping on the opportunity to enter beauty in collaboration with “Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm.” The brand will feature skin care for deep complexions and includes two cleansers, two face creams and a serum, all of which will be available this month. The goal is to address the skin issues and concerns those with darker skin deal with so they can fell more confident when they look in the mirror.

As Jordin Sparks once put it, “You’re on my heart just like a tattoo.” Or, in this case on my lips. Make-up artist Violette Serat reviled a new lip art she worked on with MAC Cosmetics on Instagram in late June and it’s got the internet a-buzzing. The lip art features tiny tattoos of skulls, roses, lips, hearts, you name it, all over the lips. We can’t wait to see which bloggers jump on this trend (and who actually wears it out in public). View it here.

BEAUTY WEEKLY DIGEST: Kylie Jenner Gets An “F”; Flowers Inside Lipsticks; Sweat-Proof Makeup


Kylie Jenner gets an “F” – The Better Business Bureau gave the teen entrepreneur’s Lip Kit business an F rating, which, by the way, is the lowest rating a business could possibly get. The reason: failure to resolve 133 complaints that were logged by customers that weren’t resolved. Apparently, there have been delivery issues and a bunch of other problems. Kylie responded in a professional statement saying, “I’m sick and tired of people coming for my business.” They stay coming fo’ sho’.

Botanical Lips – A new lipstick by beauty brand Kailijume is taking social media by storm with its awesomeness. According to Cosmo, “It’s mesmerizing AF to look at and makes for a pretty dope Insta pic.” The lipstick is just a clear jelly that has captivated many due to the ability to see a real teeny, tiny flower and gold flecks through its transparent formula. It has a sheer pink color that the company claims changes with the user’s body temperature. So, if you want a deep shade of pink, you better be cold AF. It retails between $25 and $30.

Because it’s necessary to look flawless when working out – Sweat Cosmetics has developed a line of cosmetics that contains SPF for women who want skin protection and to fake good skin while working out. They even offer a friendly video to help you chose you shade and even has s Olympic track star Natasha Hastings as an ambassador (her shade is #400).

BEAUTY WEEKLY DIGEST: Beauty-Specfic Emojis; Your Skin Drinks; Resell Unwanted Beauty Boxes

Beaumoji Keyboard in Use

Insert “on fleek” emoji here – L’Oréal USA recently released Beaumoji featuring an extensive keyboard of 130 emojis dedicated to everything beauty so you can let your friends know you are coloring your hair, while applying makeup and painting your nails, without the daunting task of having to actually type those words out. Because, let’s face it, using letters to text is so 2 years ago. The keyboard will be fully integrated into texting platforms, and will be updated seasonally to reflect evolving beauty trends. Get it here.

Think outside the box. Or, maybe it’s what’s inside that counts as a new website has emerged that allows you to sell products from unwanted subscription boxes. At Find Subscription Boxes, you can navigate to their new feature, The Aftermarket, create an online shop and eBay your products away (without the whole bidding part since they set parameters on pricing). Learn more.

Does Your Skin Care Pass the “Absorption Test”? According to the people marketing nutrition and skin care expert Kat Burki’s namesake line, you can tell if your skin wants or needs a product by simply placing it on the back of your hand. If your body craves the active ingredients, it will quickly absorb. If the product just sits there it means your body is rejecting it, and it won’t be effective so you don’t even need it. Who knew? Excuse us while we go slather the 20 bottles of product we own on the back of our hand and see how long it takes to disappear…

BEAUTY WEEKLY DIGEST: New Social Media Apps Ask You to Pucker Up & Steal Makeup Looks


In the words of Soulja Boy, “Kiss Me Thru The Phone.” Beauty brand Shiseido recently launched its new Rouge Rouge Kiss Me digital app, which asks you to make out with your phone. Yes, you heard right, just give your phone a smooch and the app is triggered. Here’s how it works: one person visits the site and puts in who they want to kiss and the recipient receives a message. When both people arrive on the site, they are able to select a shade of Rouge Rouge they want their lips to appear in for the big moment. Once they kiss their screens, the two lipstick marks are captured together on-screen and a GIF can be created to share across social media, email or text messages. The app is a promotion in conjunction with the global launch of its 16-color Rouge Rouge lipstick. Interested visit to start kissing away.

Shazam for beauty. Make-up brand Rimmel launched its “Get The Look” app, providing users the ability to replicate the looks of just about anyone, from their favorite celebrity to the person they sat next to in the park, by simply using their cell phone. Forbes calls it a “Shazam for beauty.” It uses fancy tracking to detect the makeup on the faces of just about anyone and then color-matches it with makeup Rimmel offers. Once the look is captured the app created an augmented mirror that allows the individual to see what the makeup would look like on themselves before heading over to a website where they can purchase it themselves. The app is currently available in the U.K. as of July 1st and will be released in the U.S. this September.