JAFRA USA Special Holiday Promotion in support of the Beauty Bus Foundation

FTC Disclosure: These products were provided by a pr firm for review.

Over a year ago I posted a story called, Donate the products that make you look good, so you can feel good, which featured a list of organizations that accept beauty product donations. Among the list, I featured the Beauty Bus Foundation, a nonprofit based in Los Angeles that mobilizes volunteers to provide free beauty and grooming services to chronically and terminally ill patients and their caregivers.

This year, JAFRA USA, a skin care and makeup company dedicated to transforming people’s lives through beauty, is partnering with the Beauty Bus Foundation. From October 1 – December 31, 2012, for every High Pigment Eyeshadow and High Pigment Eyeshaow Offer sold, JAFRA will donate $1 to the organization. So far, the company has raised over $57,000 for the Beauty Bus Foundation, but their support doesn’t stop there. JAFAR is also providing their independent consultants as volunteers to help with in-home visits and pop-up salons; and, they have also donated generous amounts of JAFRA signature skin care, beauty and grooming products for the Bags of Beauty program.

I was given the opportunity to test out all four of the High Pigment Eye shadows:





I had to bang the container a few times on the counter to loosen up the product before using it. Then, I poured a small amount into the lid, and used an eye shadow brush to apply the pigments. I only used about one coat for each color, so be careful, a little bit goes a long way. Each color had a good amount of shimmer, which I loved, and it wasn’t overpowering. These eye shadows are great for a dramatic smokey evening eye, but when applied lightly, they can also be worn during the day to make your eyes pop.

The High Pigment Eyeshadows can be purchased online for $12.00, or by contacting your local JAFRA independent consultant. Not only will these rich pigments make you feel beautiful, but every time you bat your lids you can feel good knowing that your purchase helped someone else feel beautiful, too.

Help an underserved teen go to prom: Donate your old dresses

The highlight of my high school existence was getting ready for prom. Months before the big day I went shopping and found the perfect dress: a pale pink mermaid style gown with black bows adorning the bottom.  Now, years later the possibility of me ever attending another prom is pretty much zero. Even if I had to go to a formal or charity event that required me to dress up, I don’t foresee myself pulling out my prom dress from eight years ago, as my style has since evolved. Plus, there’s also the chance that the dress no longer fits me. So, instead of throwing it away or allowing it to collect dust in the back of my closet, the best solution is to donate the dress, which I only wore once, and will never wear again.

Every year, thousands of girls look forward to their prom; but, in these tough economic times some girls may have to struggle in order to be able to afford the cost of the big day. They have to pay for tickets for the event, transportation, an after party, and most importantly, the dress. For some girls, finding the gown of their dreams is the most exciting part of getting ready for prom, and there are many organizations out there that give undeserved teens the opportunity to find beautiful dresses free of charge. Help make their dreams come true by donating formal wear that you no longer want.

I’ve compiled a list of organizations that accept dress donations. This list is not exhaustive, and please feel free to suggest additions.


The Princess Project

The Glass Slipper Project

Operation Fairy Dust


The Priceless Gown Project

The Prom Shop Project™

Fairy Godmothers, Inc.

Cinderella Closet

Enchanted Closet

Caitlin’s Closet