New Handbag Line: Comes With Baggage

A couple of months ago I was introduced to a fabulous new handbag line, Comes With Baggage, designed by NYC style maven Lori Levine. The sassy line features vintage handbags with bold expressions in a variety of colors and textures for the woman who wants to make a statement without having to say a word. Some examples of the sayings on the bags include, What Are You Bitches Lookin’ At? and my personal favorite, Protect Me from What I Want. In addition to the audacious one-liners, Comes With Baggage also features a bridal line with charming taglines such as Happily Ever After, @Wifey, and Old New Borrowed & Blue.

Bitches Clutch (Black Patent Leather, Gold Ink), $288.00
Dreaming Clutch (Red Snake Skin, Gold Ink), $288.00
Old, New, Borrowed & Blue Clutch (Navy Snake Skin, Gold Ink), $288.00
Playing it Safe Clutch (Cream Snake Skin Leather, Gold Ink), $288.00
Protect Me Clutch (Black Fabric, White Ink), $288.00
Curse Clutch (Taupe Leather, Black Ink), $288
Curse Clutch (Taupe Leather, Black Ink), $288

Arm Candy: Must- Have Summer Handbags

Whether you will be spending the summer laying on the beach or fashionably strutting yourself to and from work, I’ve got you covered with the perfect summer handbags for every price point.

Sorial Ava Beach Totes
Make a statement, while keeping everything you need for the beach organized in one of these bold totes.

Sorial Ava beach totes
Sorial Ava Beach Totes, $89

Kate Spade ‘grove court floral – tenley’ crossbody bag
Nothing says summer more than florals. Plus, the added pop of color makes this bag a showstopper.

'grove court floral - tenley' crossbody bag
‘grove court floral – tenley’ crossbody bag, $168


For less money…

Forever 21 Studded Clear Tote
This very stylish tote, featuring faux patent trim with pyramid stud accents, looks more expensive than it really is.

Studded Clear Tote
Studded Clear Tote, $19.80

Nine West 9 Jacquard Hobo

This slouchy-chic Nine West bag boasts plenty of pockets for your summer essentials. The teal color alone, reminds me of bright blue skies and refreshing beach waters.

Nine West 9 Jacquard Hobo , $47.99
Nine West 9 Jacquard Hobo , $47.99

XOXO New Horizon Hobo
This hobo just screams warm summer sunshine and is sure to brighten up any outfit.

XOXO New Horizon Hobo, $29.50

Mad For The Manbag?

The manbag: once a most unfairly maligned accessory that was reserved for the more, let’s say, sartorially serious gent. ‘Real men’, of the kind of butch masculinity heralded by Yorkie chocolate bars and McCoy crisps, would never be seen with anything so fey and useful , instead preferring to stock their pockets or maybe condescend to use a natty skate backpack, at a push.

Burberry AW13 collection for men

But that would be me showing my age, for in recent years, the manbag has undergone a reputation overhaul and now is the accepted accessory of nary a man, regardless of personal style or degrees of butch, with everything from satchels to duffle bags thrown over shoulders.

Personally, I’m all for a good man bag: why should men be so heartlessly deprived of life’s greatest pastime (namely, bag shopping) while simultaneously forced to ruin the line of their trousers with overstuffed pockets? Tsk, this is an age of equality we live in and it is only right and proper that men should be able to enjoy the finer aspects of life just as we women do. But just as the most unyielding have come round to this way of thinking and begrudgingly accept that it’s possible for something other than the briefcase to be carried, Burberry have challenged us anew with the latest update to the manbag: the man clutch. I see those questioning looks on your faces; this isn’t a return of the murse, but rather streamlined bags to be carried much in the way you might your iPad, which can no doubt be handily stored inside. Burberry’s offerings included those in brightly coloured metallics (which could work with this season’s skater boy trend, in theory) but the early adopters of the trend on the street often tend to favour oversized, slouchy leather versions in simple black or brown leather, which are more ideal for those wishing to ease themselves in. There are even some to be found that come with a slim chain, so, when you tire of carrying it, you may causally adorn your shoulder. But I see I’m losing you again.

Now, this isn’t going to be for everyone, I grant you, and it may take a few more seasons for the majority to come round, but if you can pull this one off with aplomb, why you’ll look the height of sartorial elegance.

And if anyone questions your choice of accessory, simply throw them a withering look of pity, deprived as they are of the wonder of the manbag. Or failing that, pretend like it’s your girlfriend’s…

Amy Lavelle is a journalist from UK fashion comparison site Style in View. She’s contributed to a number of publications including Spindle magazine.

Get up to 70% off luxury handbags at LuxeYard

If your mom is a fashionista, then why not enhance her chic aesthetic this mother’s Day with a luxury handbag by orYANY (pronounced “or ee yah knee”). Launched in Spring 2010, orYANY’s line of bags offer functionality (there are internal compartments for your keys, cell phone..etc), while being stylish (the bags are available in vibrant colors and exciting textures like rattan basket). There are tons of styles to choose from including crossbody bags, totes and clutches. Check out some of the styles below.

Rounded handles makes these handbags easy to carry.

orYANY’s high end bags usually retail between $165 and $450, but for a limited time, you can score one of the brand’s coveted creations for 70% off at (prices range from $65.00 to $195 with the discount). This special sale will end on May 9th. After that, you’ll have to pay full price for the handbags, so while you’re there getting one for mom, be sure to pick one up for yourself, too.

Soft calfskin leather pieces are accented with braided handle detailing.
Some handbags incorporate luxurious materials such as vachetta leather and rattan basket.