Secret essentials for overnight visits and everything else in between

Disguise any bathroom deeds

This, to me, is the one of greatest things ever created. Poo~Pourri is a bathroom air-freshener that you spray in a toilet bowl BEFORE you use it to prevent the embarrassing odor. This is perfect if you share a communal bathroom at work, or stay over at someone house, whether it be a male friend, or a girl friend, no one ever has to know that you had any tummy issues, all because of this nifty little spray. And, it’s so fashionable. Check out the cool necklace around the neck of the little bottle.

Poo~Pourri Original 2oz Bottle, $9.95

Always smell great

Sometimes you need a little fragrance spritz when you’re not smelling your best, but, who wants to carry around liquids that can burst, and weigh your bag down? This limited edition Solid Perfume Necklace by Juicy Couture is the perfect little secret fragrance touch-up. A super chic pendant hangs from a 34” gold chain, and hides a solid perfume inside its rhinestone studded heart. Slyly dab you finger and apply to your pulse points. No one will ever suspect your chic necklace is also a secret fragrance.

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy Limited Edition Solid Perfume Necklace, $48.00

Fake flawless skin

RareMinerals by Bare Escentuals has a concentrated powder called Pure Transformation Night Treatment, which is specialty formulated to work at night to even out skin tone and texture, and reduce the appearance of pores. It’s available in four shades, and doesn’t come off on the pillow, so you can go to bed with your “face” on and everyone will believe that yes, you do wake up looking that good.

BareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment, $60.00

Baby it’s cold outside: Fancy Gloves

It’s winter, and if there is one fashion accessory that never goes out of style during this time, it’s gloves. Gloves are a necessity for the cold, wintery weather, but that shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style. Keep your hands warm and still be a fashion trendsetter with some of the cool picks below.

Buttons & Bows Gloves
Betsey Johnson Buttons & Bows Gloves, $48.00
Michael Kors Coyote Faux Fur Gloves
Michael Kors Coyote Faux Fur Gloves, $20.16
Text Me Leather Gloves
Juicy Couture Text Me Leather Gloves, $69.99
Ladies Taupe Pearl & Faux Fur Trimmed Gloves
Ladies Taupe Pearl & Faux Fur Trimmed Gloves , $19.99
Portolano Rosette Gloves
Portolano Rosette Gloves, $27.20
Satin Navy
Weberline Couture Satin Navy Fingerless Gloves, $28.00