Learn from Lady Gaga’s beauty mistakes

In the latest issue of People Magazine Lady Gaga revealed some of her beauty secrets. Here’s a breakdown of do’s and dont’s we can learn from what she divulged:


The singer revealed her hair is falling out due to years of bleaching her naturally brunette locks, blonde. According to the magazine she said, “[I have to] get a chemical haircut because my blonde hair is falling out.” Her sylist Aura Friedman explained, “We have to do a double process to make Gaga’s hair the right shade, which means removing her natural color with cream bleach and then applying a high-gloss dye that actually contains pearly pink, sparkling tones….We have to do it every three weeks, which is extremely damaging.”


Embrace the beautiful hair color you were born with. You may also want to consider simply going a few shades lighter, so your hair looks more natural and your locks won’t have to suffer from the harsh effects of chemical bleaching. If you do have blonde ambition, seek out a professional hair colorist to bleach your hair, and only get your hair colored every six to eight weeks. Unfortunately, if you are not a natural blonde, your roots will start to show through after about one week, but resist the temptation to bleach every week, or you could end up like Gaga.


Lada Gaga also told People that she goes to bed wearing makeup every night. “That is not good for your skin,” she said, “but I’m blessed with good genes.”


It is important to remove makeup before you go to sleep to give your skin a chance to “breathe.” Nighttime is when your skin has a chance to repair itself, and even thought Laga Gaga believes she has good genes, wearing makeup to bed could age your skin seven times faster than average. And, unlike Gaga, we don’t have the hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on the anti-aging skin procedures she will need in a few years when this bad habit catches up to her.

The one beauty tip of Gaga’s that’s worth following is to “just go with your gut…whenever you try to be someone else, it’s boring.” But, please don’t follow you gut when it tells you to bleach your hair weekly and sleep with makeup on.

Lada Gaga recycles her fashion, so why is it still innovative?

Lady Gaga is on fire. Well, at least her bra is on the cover of the latest issue of Italian GQ. However, this is not the first time the songstress has had fireworks shooting out of her chest. She donned an explosive bra during the 2009 MuchMusic Awards in Toronto, Ontario, which shot sparks as she performed her chart-topping hits.

Comparably, Laga Gaga also graced the cover of Rolling Stone wearing a machine gun bra, and not much else. But, prior to that photo shoot, she wore a similar machine gun bra in her video for Alejandro.

Moreover, Gaga was dressed in a clear plastic bubble suit on the June 2009 cover of Rolling Stone, but had donned a similar bubble dress costume during a performance at San Diego’s House of Blues in May 2009.

And how can I forget the meat dress, which graced the cover of Vouge Hommes Japan after it caused a stir at the 2010 MTV Music Awards.

I’m sure it’s strategic on her part. She clearly has a thing for transposing her iconic fashion statements from the red carpet to the cover of magazines.  But, if the outfits already made a statement the first time around, why do we need to see it again? When most celebrities wear the same outfit twice, they are ridiculed in the press, but for Gaga, it’s a different story. She could literally wear the same meat dress to the upcoming 2011 MTV Video awards, and everyone would still praise her for her daring fashion choice.

Lady Gaga in a Bottle & Katy Perry’s Fragrance Purrs

Lady Gaga performing on the Fame Ball tour in ...
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Last Thursday Coty Inc., confirmed a deal with international superstar Lady Gaga to develop her first-ever signature fragrance to be launched in spring 2012. Lady Gaga is known for being a fashion trendsetter, so it’s no surprise that she would venture into the fragrance business.

“Lady Gaga is explosive, provocative and sexy,” says Bernd Beetz, Chief Executive Officer, Coty Inc, three traits that will no doubt be expressed in her new perfume. The packaging of the bottle is sure to reflect her fashion-forward aesthetics. The fragrance line is yet to be named, but Lady Gaga will take on the role of Creative Director along with her Haus of Gaga team.

Coty’s portfolio of celebrity partnerships include L.A.M.B. fragrance by Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images Europe

On November 12th, singer Katy Perry launched her new cat-inspired fragrance called ‘Purr’ at Selfridges in London, England. Hundreds of fans lined up outside the store to catch a glimpse of the pop star, who wore a purple Miu Miu Fall 2010 dress. The fragrance is available exclusively at Nordstrom stores ($65.00 for a 3.4 oz) and will make its Statewide launch in New York City on November 16th.

Katy Perry dons a skin-tight purple and pink Latex catsuit for her perfume ad.



Accessorize Your Hair

Photo: INF Goff via MSN

Sometimes all you need to dress up an outfit is a fabulous hair accessory. However, just because Sara Jessica Parker can pull off wearing an over-the-top peacock hair piece, that doesn’t mean everyone else can. Hair accessories add a little extra something that can beautify an otherwise dull outfit, but the trick is to not overdo it. The wrong kind of hair bling can make you look like something out of a Lady Gaga video. But, when worn correctly, stylish and elegant hair accessories can enhance how fabulous you already look, and are a trendy way to show off your personality. See below for some classy hair pieces sure to add a little glamour to your style.

What will Lady Gaga be for Halloween?

Miley meets Gaga

While browsing the web for Halloween costume ideas, I kept coming across articles that give readers tips on how to dress up like Lady Gaga for the holiday. My favorite of which can be found on Hollywood Life. But, there are hundreds more that use Gaga as an inspiration for Halloween costume ideas, and it’s no wonder. She wears costumes all year long.  Who can forget her infamous meat dress or the bird’s nest ensemble she wore at the 2009 MTV Awards?

So it makes me wonder, what shockingly outrageous outfit will Lady Gaga wear on Halloween? Or, maybe Halloween could be the one time of year she shocks us and doesn’t dress up at all.