Product Review: Pink Friday Nicki Minaj Fragrance

Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj Eau de Parfum
Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj Eau de Parfum

Okay, let me start by saying I realize this review is long overview. The Pink Friday Nicki Minaj Fragrance came out light-years ago, but, I’ve never been one to jump on the celebrity fragrance bandwagon. So, when I received the perfume as a gift, I let it sit on my vanity untouched and in the box (mainly because the statue of Nikki scared me so I wanted to keep it hidden). Anyway, my latest fragrance ran its course and I finally decided to give Minaj’s a try, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The scent: The sweet pink floral notes mixed with the warmth of creamy vanilla, skin musks and sheer woods makes for an intoxicating scent that not only smells amazing, but lingers through the day. Be prepared to turn heads as you walk into the room as people’s noses turn in your direction wondering where that sweet smell is coming from. It’s a bold, fresh fragrance that will make you feel as confident as Minaj herself.

The packaging: It’s supposed to be a replica of the superstar, with pink hair and pink lips, and a cute little necklace. I just wish she had a pink little bra, because the random blue lines across her chest is a question mark to me. Also, you have to decapitate her in order to open the bottle, which is a little unnerving, but still, a cool design.

Cost: $49.50 for 1.7 oz at Macys and other department stores

Hot New Celebrity Fragrance Launches This Fall

Nicki Minaj’s Minajesty


Superstar Nicki Minaj sparked the buzz of her forthcoming fragrance, Minajesty, when she posted behind-the-scenes shots from the campaign on Instagram. Now, the fragrance is set to hit shelves September 15th at fine department stores. Similar to her Pink Friday fragrance, Minajesty is a miniature replica of the superstar, but this time sports a crimped hair style and is fully clothed in a red and black outfit. The scent is described as mysterious and sexy with notes peach, tiger orchid and fluffy vanilla. Learn more at

Jennifer Lopez’s JLove


Come October, Jennifer Lopez’s 20th, J Love, fragrance will be available to the masses. The perfume features top notes of white raspberry, frozen pineapple, pink grapefruit, and tangerine, that blend into a dried base of vanilla sorbet, white wood and skin musk. It will retail for $39 for a 1 oz bottle at Kohl’s.

Nicki Minaj’s pink lipstick on sale & Choosing the right shade of pink for you

After much anticipation, Nicki Minaj’s new limited edition lipstick, Pink 4 Friday ($14.50), will be available online* only starting today for four consecutive Fridays (through Dec. 17). A Collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, the lipstick was made to coincide with the release of her debut album, Pink Friday.

****Due to high demand, this product has sold out.****

Choosing the right shade of pink lipstick for you

The bright bubblegum-pink color of Nikki’s new lipstick is gorgeous, but it won’t look great on everyone. When choosing pink lipstick, it’s important to choose the right shade based on your skin complexion.

Warm Skin Tones

If your skin tone is warm, then rich pinks like fuchsia will look great against your complexion, including Nikki’s Pink Fiday 4. In fact, the darker your skin tone, the more pigment you can wear, but stay away from light pale pinks, as it will make you look washed out (see the below Jennifer Lopez example). Those with olive skin tones are the luckiest, because almost any shade of pink will look great against your complexion.

The pink lipstick worn by Jennifer Lopez looks odd against her bronzed skin.

Kim Kardashian uses MAC's Angel lipstick with NARS Turkish Delight lip gloss on top. The colors look great with her olive skin tone.


Cool Skin Tones

Blue based pinks work best for those of you who have lighter complexions. Stay away from hot pink, as it can look too intense and overpowering against your skin. Try mauve, light and nude pink colors.

Heidi Klum wears Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Makeup Perfect Lipstick in Whisper, a peachy-nude shade.
This fuchsia hue was not the best shade of pink for Jessica Simpon's light skin.

VH1 Divas goes Patriotic

This year’s VH1 Divas’ concert, The USO Presents: VH1 Divas Salute the Troops, will be hosted by Kathy Griffin from the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar in San Diego, CA. Set to air on Sunday, December 5th at 9/8 central, this will be the ninth installment for the franchise, which will feature Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles, Nicki Minaj, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals’ Grace Potter, Keri Hilson, Katy Perry and Paramore’s Hayley Williams. All of the divas posed for sexy pin-up photos to promote this year’s patriotic theme. Individual shots of each sassy performer can be downloaded separately on VH1’s website free of charge.

VH1 is also teaming up with Glamour Shots, so that you can create your very own pin-up photo shoot, which will include a makeover and hairstyling, a free photo session, and free 10×13 portrait. Participants may even walk away with a special VH1 Divas gift with purchase.***

***Editor’s Note: After investigating this a little bit more, Glamour Shots does charge you $20 for hair and makeup, and then pressures you into purchasing an expensive package of the photos. They do not even give you the digital photos on a CD for free, and you have to wait for them to send the 10×13 photo in the mail. When you visit the link it says you are supposed to get these things for free, but it is very misleading, since they end up charging you. A quick Google search revels this company’s bad practices and scams. I have no idea why VH1 would attach their name to this company.

When I posted a complaint on VH1’s message board, they immediately deleted it.


Support our Troops: Log on VH1’s website through Facebook Connect and share a photo of yourself here. For every photo shared, VH1 will donate $1 to the USO’s Operation Enduring Care.

Drake – Best Dressed of the Week

Photo by John Parra/ WireImage

The honor of best dressed of the week goes to Drake, who attended Lil’ Wayne’s Mimai bash to celebrate the rapper’s recent release from prison, wearing a ritzy Tom Ford suit on Sunday night. A flashy metallic teal blazer stood out against a simple white button down shirt, paired with black trousers. Drake felt he had to “suit up” for the occasion, reports MTV.

Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Bow Wow, and Jay Sean were also among the attendees.