Ashley Judd and Anthony Mackie Announce Kiehl’s Partnership


Actors Ashley Judd and Anthony Mackie have teamed up with Kiehl’s Since 1851 to design a Limited Edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque series in honor of Earth Day. Made with fairly-traded Amazonian White Clay from the Marajo Island, the mask aims to detoxify skin and minimize the appearance of pores. The design of the packaging features Earth-inspired images, and depicts Judd’s and Mackie’s vision of social responsibility.

100% of net profits up to $50,000 from the campaign will benefit Recycle Across America™, a nonprofit that will use the funds to create 65,000 standardized recycling labels to offer to select K-12 schools in the United States.

“We started working with Recycle Across America in 2012 and have continued with them since,” said Chris Salgardo, President, Kiehl’s USA. “Their mission to introduce solutions that make recycling more simple, comprehensive and effective in the United States is perfectly aligned with our Recycle & Be Rewarded program.”

The mask retails for about $23.00 for 5.0 fl. Oz. / 45g.

 Photo credit: Alexandra Wyman for Invision

Photo credit: Alexandra Wyman for Invision


Celebrate Earth Day with Kiehl’s Since 1851

Zachary Quinto and Alanis Morissette limited edition label
Zachary Quinto and Alanis Morissette limited edition label

Earth Day is on April 22nd, 2013, and to celebrate, Kiehl’s Since 1851 has partnered with superstars Zachary Quinto and Alanis Morissette to benefit Recycle Across America (RAA), a nonprofit dedicated to delivering society-wide solutions that eliminate public confusion, stimulate the environmental economy and expedite progress. Each celebrity designed a Limited Edition label for Kiehl’s 4.2 oz. Ultra Facial Cream, depicting their vision of social responsibility. The cream will be available in Kiehl’s stores starting April 20, just  in time for Earth Day. One hundred percent of the net proceeds of the cream will benefit RAA, which will use the funds raised to create 65,000 standardized recycling labels and then donate them to K-12 schools nationwide. Through this program, Kiehl’s will also be donating $50,000 to the organization.

Learn more about Alanis Morissette and Zachary Quinto for Earth Day by watcing the video below.

Kiehl’s also has an ongoing in-store recycling program called Recycle and Be Rewarded!.  This program is available only in Kiehl’s free-standing stores nationwide, and allows customers to return their empty Kiehl’s bottles, tubes and jars for recycling, in exchange for product.  Since 2009, Kiehl’s has recycled over 900,000 bottles! Learn more about the program here.


Pureology’s Perfect 4 Platinum Brilliant Shine Kit

I’ve always envied the vibrant, silky smooth hair of models seen in advertisements. No matter what I do, my hair always seems to look dull, with no volume and lots of frizz. I recently gave Pureology’s Perfect 4 Platinum Brilliant Shine Kit a try. The system is infused with protein-rich Keravis and plant extracts, and was created to help repair damage, while strengthening and softening hair. With the arrival of summer, the harsh rays of the sun are bound to wreak havoc on hair, so finding a great product to combat my frayed tresses is high on my beauty priority list.

This kit was provided by a pr firm for review.

What the kit includes:

o Perfect4Platinum Shampoo (8.5 oz) and Condition (8.5 oz) featuring Zero Waste Packaging

o Highly concentrated ZeroSulfate® 250mL shampoos offer 70+ shampoos per bottle

o100% recyclable bottles feature the latest FDA-approved, 50% post-consumer recycled High-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials for unparalleled safety and environmental sustainability.

o Perfect4Platinum Shampoo (1.7 oz), Condition (1.7 oz) and MiracleFiller (0.5 oz) and ReconstructRepair (6 packets)

Why I like it:

  • The shampoo is a super chic shade of chrome blue and has a sweet citrus floral scent. It lathers really well and rises off easily.
  • After rising out the conditioner my hair was noticeably softer, so I didn’t even think it was necessary to use the ReconstructRepair hair mask the kit comes with; but, I did and it’s a great product. I like that I only had to leave it in for 5 minutes and rinse. The current hair mask I use requires me to leave it on from 15-30 minutes.
  • Even though the product is targeted towards blondes (especially those with highlighted hair), its nourishing power did wonders on my brunet locks, revealing silky-smooth, shiny hair.

The Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Brilliant Shine Kit will be available in salons nationwide for $61 in June, and in conjunction with the product’s launch, Pureology will be donating $20,000 to support Global Green USA with its mission of fostering a global shift towards a sustainable and secure world. In addition to donating to Global Green USA, the brand continues to implement green initiatives by using 100% recyclable bottles; using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cardboard boxes made from 100% recycled fibers; and, by adding educational messages on all the boxes. Learn more here»