Just in time for Spring: Floral-inspired Jewelry by Chaya Studio

March 20th officially marked the first day of spring. It will take some time before spring flowers emerge and sprout to full bloom, so in the meantime I’m lusting over the beautiful floral-inspired jewelry of Chaya Caron. Based in South Portland, Maine, Caron draws inspiration for her designs from her love of nature, conscious awareness and Japanese art. She only uses 100 percent recycled precious metals and actively supports Fair Trade gemstone companies.

Prices in Caron’s collections range from $44 – $285. Get a jump-start on Mother Day by purchasing one of the elegant pieces for your mom, grandmother, aunt, sister, and anyone else in your life who deserves a special gift.

Check out some of the beautiful jewelery from Chaya Studio below.

Cherry Blossom Collection


Magnificent Lotus Collection


Custom-made and Weddings

In addition to the jewelry featured on her website and in retail stores, Chaya also makes custom-made jewelry, including custom bride and groom rings. Learn more here.


You’ve found your groom, but what about your “something blue?”

Sneaky was to incorporate blue into your wedding.

Photo credit: Holly Chapple Flowers

When it comes to wedding’s we’ve all heard the famous good-luck bridal rhyme: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I am nowhere near walking down the aisle, but I already know what I will be selecting for three out of the four areas on the list. Yet, when it comes to the last item, something blue, I’ve really had to sit down and think long and hard about it.

I’ve got nothing against the color blue, but why would I want to disrupt the purity of my fashionable white assemble with such a clashing pigment? Well, it turns out that for centuries, blue has been associated with weddings as a symbol of love and purity. For that reason, the Old English rhyme includes “something blue” as one of the four good luck charms a bride should have on her wedding day. Now, I won’t go as far as wearing a blue gown on my wedding day as women did in the middle ages until white became the wedding hue of choice; but, I do have some ideas on how to sneakily incorporate the color on the big day.

If you’re sugary sweet

Nothing is sweeter than the fragrant smell of fresh flowers, so incorporate some blue flowers, such as hydrangeas into your wedding bouquet. You can also have a blue ribbon tied around the bouquet.

If you’re naughty

Wear blue lingerie for a sexy little secret no one has to know about. Or, put on a blue garter for the traditional groomsmen toss.

“I DO” Wedding Shoe Stickers, $4.99 at bedbathandbeyond.com

If you’re flashy

I love, love, love the idea of adding blue rhinestone monogram stickers underneath your shoes. It’s devious, and oh so clever. You can have the monograms say anything you want from “I Do,” to the wedding date, to your brand new initials.

If you prefer to show off your blue bling, then accessorize with dazzling earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even hair pieces.

For the more adventurous bride that loves bling, you can try vajazzling with blue crystals (I won’t judge!).

Thakoon for NARS in Kutki-powder blue; $18 at sephora.com

If you’re a beauty queen

Blue nail polish is a great way to integrate the color into your wedding in a subtle way. You can also wear a light blue eye shadow on your lids.

Many brides nowadays choose to incorporate blue in other parts of their wedding, instead of on themselves. Bridesmaids or flower girls can wear blue dresses, sashes, or hair accessories. Centerpieces and place cards are also a great place to add in the color. You can even have your cake sit on a blue plate. At the end of the day, it’s just an old tradition. Just as long as you are not the “something blue” on your wedding day, then that’s all that matters.